Sunday, May 1, 2011

Staying Home

We didn't have to be anywhere this weekend and it was fantastic.  It seems like we've been traveling so much lately.  It was so nice to just enjoy being at home.  Friday night we had a picnic at Wilson Park with our friends the Davises.

Adeline refused to nap Friday afternoon for some reason.  She passed out as soon as we got in the car to head to the park.  Yes, she did scrape her knee right before we left.

Adeline was picking up handfuls of sand and throwing them everywhere.  She's going to love the beach next month!

Saturday we spent the whole day doing things around the house.  Jon mowed first thing since they were calling for rain that afternoon and for pretty much the rest of the week.  Then he came in to help me with the big playroom re-do!  Nesting has already hit me hard, and since I don't know the sex therefore can't decorate a nursery, I had to do something.  Our plan is if we have a girl, she and Adeline will share a room since we only have one guest room.  In order to make room for another crib, I decided to move the bookshelf that was in Adeline's room into the playroom.  I decided that even if it is a boy, the bookshelf should be a common "toy" so it needed to be out of Adeline's room anyway.

So before moving anything, I moved everything out of the playroom.  It needed a massive cleaning.  I pulled up every one of the foam tiles & vacuumed each individual one with a handheld vacuum.  I went through all her toys and packed away the ones she's either too old for, or doesn't really play with anymore.  Then, I got every single book out of the bookshelf so it would be light enough to for Jon to carry by himself.  Finally, Jon and I both reorganized everything.  We stacked the two little shelves on top of each other (& bolted them together).  Planning a playroom out for an 18 month old takes a lot of foresight.  I want her to be able to play in there unsupervised.  Therefore, nothing she can tear up or hurt herself with can be in her reach.  Therefore all the books with paper pages had to be moved out of reach.  I'm also a bit OCD, so the books have to be put together logically.  All the Sesame Street, Berenstain Bears, Dr. Seuss, etc have to be together.  There's even a religious/holiday shelf!  I realize that most kids just go to the library and check out books.  That way you don't have to find storage space for so many books, kids learn how to take care of something that's not theirs & turn them back in on time, etc, but I grew up in a very small town with a very small public library.  My parents and grandparents bought A LOT of books.  This is only about half of my collection.  The other half is in the attic waiting for Adeline to be ready to read chapter books.  Plus, I was a big nerd and read constantly as a child.  That being said, I'm so happy with how the playroom turned out and I think Adeline is too!

Then we rewarded all our hard work with a nap & dinner at MiMi's with TCBY to follow.  We came home in time to take the dogs for a walk and when we let them out of the garage they were so excited that they ran over Adeline and knocked her down.  

She cried for a little bit, but was then fine.  Notice her necklace.  She's a girl through and through.  I really need to find her some necklaces made for kids.  :)

She likes to feel like she's in charge.  She "walked" all 3 dogs the whole way.

Today we went to church and worked in the nursery.  Adeline had a screaming fit when we tried to leave her in her room to go to our Sunday School class, so we just left and came home.  She never does that and I could not leave her in there screaming hysterically for us.  It broke my heart.  

Now it's raining again and Adeline has taken a 3.5 hour nap.  I guess I should go get her up before she sleeps through supper!

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