Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday - Vacation Day #5

Today we slept in again (isn't that what vacation is for?), then we headed to the zoo.  Adeline had a blast, but it was hot and I was miserable.  I walked through about half of the zoo, then I went to sit in the car with the AC on.

My ankle still isn't much better and I spent the ride home from the zoo crying.  I hate feeling like this on vacation & feeling like I'm holding everyone else back from doing fun things.  My sweet husband looked up some homeopathic sunburn relief & made a trip to the store for some things for that along with a few goodies he knows I like.  He really did a great job cheering me up.  

This is how I spent the 2 hours that Adeline napped.

When Adeline woke up, we spent a little time at the beach & pool, but not after I made sure we were all completely covered in sunscreen.

We met one of my mom's high school friends who lives here for dinner at a yummy Italian seafood place called Grazie.  Yet again, I'm stuffed!  :)

See the difference in my feet/legs?  I've never had swelling this bad before.  I really hope it goes down soon!

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  1. Bless your heart. I am so sorry about your foot. Bummer. But, on the bright side, you got some beautiful family pictures that I know you will treasure! My favorites are the ones of Adeline playing in the sand!