Saturday, May 28, 2011

Final Vacation Post - Days 8 & 9

We left Alabama Friday morning around 10:00.  We ate lunch along the way with my parents, then we decided to stop for the night in Vicksburg, MS.  My parents only had about 4 more hours to go, so they went ahead.  From lunch to the hotel, Adeline decided to sleep for the first time in the car for the whole trip.  Even though it was only 30 minutes, I'm glad she got a little nap.

We got to the hotel around 4:00.  It felt kind of silly stopping so early for the night, but we were all ready to get out of the car and knew there weren't many other places to spend the night along the way.  The pool at our hotel was under maintenance so we got to go to their "sister hotel" in the same parking lot to swim in their indoor pool.  Jon and Adeline had a blast.

We went to a few stores at their very small outlet mall, had dinner, then made a quick trip in the Vicksburg National Military Park.  It was absolutely beautiful.  We got there 30 minutes before it closed, but I wish we had gone straight there when we first got to Vicksburg.  We could have spent half a day there.  I love history and the rolling hills and beautiful landscape were breath-taking.  Adeline and Jon had a fun time checking out the cannons.  :)

We tried letting Adeline sleep in the bed with us again since we didn't want to unpack the pack & play, but it wasn't working.  She kept crawling between the two of us giggling & saying, "Mommy, Daddy" and kissing us.  It was hilarious, but we were tired and it didn't seem like she was going to sleep anytime soon.  Jon hurried to the car & got out the pack & play.  She was asleep within 5 minutes of putting her in there.  Why won't she snuggle?!?

We left bright & early this morning for the long & last leg of the trip.  We stopped once for lunch & once for gas and made it home around 3:45.  Adeline took another little nap sometime in there.

We had such a fantastic vacation.  It was so great to spend a whole week with my parents.  Adeline got so attached to her grandparents and we all enjoyed having each other around.  All week long Adeline really wanted to call my dad something, but couldn't say "Pappy."  By yesterday morning she had decided to start calling him "NeeNee."  Hopefully that won't stick and she'll learn Pappy pretty soon.  :)

Thank you so much, mom and dad, for such a great week!  We love you both so much!

Although we all had a great time, it's good to be home.  We took the dogs on a nice long walk this evening, had a yummy dinner, and now we're all getting ready for bed.  I think Adeline might miss the sand, though.  

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  1. It was a wonderful vacation and we enjoyed being able to spend so much time with y'all.
    Love you all!
    Nana & NeeNee (aka Pappy)