Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday - Vacation Day #7

Today was our last full day in Alabama.  We started off the morning with a dolphin-sighting cruise.  We had to wait a while before the boat departed, so Adeline entertained herself with some Baby Einstein.

It was pretty hot on the boat before we departed and I was starting to feel pretty miserable, but once we started moving out on the water it was much cooler.  We saw several dolphins and even managed to get a few pictures.  These dolphins were following behind a shrimp boat hoping to get a free meal.  We saw one baby dolphin that the guide said was probably only like 6 months old.  It was so cute!

Afterwards we had lunch at the shopping center where Jon and I went to the movie last night.

My mom has been wanting to "Build-a-Bear" with Adeline since she was born.  When Jon and I saw it last night we figured vacation would be the perfect time.  I don't know if Adeline is quite old enough to grasp the whole concept, but she enjoyed it, nonetheless.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing in the condo, doing laundry, and packing up.  The weather is kinda nasty with high winds and rain, so we didn't feel bad about not getting back down to the beach.  However, Jon did a bit more boogie-boarding.  :)  Adeline rocked her baby for a while, then her dolphin.  She is such a cutie and growing up so fast!

This has been such a great vacation and we've all enjoyed it thoroughly!

**Addendum:  Jon and I just went for a moonlit stroll on the beach.  It was very romantic and relaxing until I noticed all the HUGE little white crabs scurrying around everywhere every 20 feet or so.  I was so terrified that one might run across my foot that I made Jon carry me past every one that we saw.  He was laughing so hard at me that I thought he might wet his pants.  I told him that crabs are just like giant spiders.  This made him laugh even harder.  On our way back to the condo it started lightning and sprinkling.  We made it back just in time to sit on the porch and watch a beautiful lightning storm out over the water.  What a great evening for our last night here!

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