Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gender Reveal

We decided to have a gender reveal party with our families & closest friends this time around.  When the doctor couldn't tell what we were having at our 15 week appointment and we had to schedule our 20 week appointment on a Friday, I felt like it just worked out perfectly for a gender reveal.  I think gender reveal parties are so much fun and a great idea, but I had never thought of doing one myself.  I just didn't think I could go to "the big ultrasound" and not look at the screen during the pivotal moment when she says, "yep, there's boy parts there" and I didn't think I could wait the rest of the day after that to find out either, but I felt like the timing worked out perfectly, so that's what we did.

I ordered these cute little invitations & we sent them out to 20 of our family & friends.

My appointment was at 11:15.

Here's a little interesting side-note that I want to be recorded for this baby when he/she wants to know why Adeline has a DVD of her 20 week ultrasound & they don't.  I took my $2 they asked me to bring for my DVD.  I asked the receptionist who I needed to give it to.  She said, "This sounds really weird and you're probably going to be upset, but because of the earthquake in Japan, we can't get the DVDs that our machine takes.  We've tried a lot of other places, but that's the only place we can get the right ones."  I was upset and I almost let it escalate to tears, but I took a deep breath and thought to myself, "So many people lost their lives in that earthquake.  I have no right getting upset because of a DVD."  My only thought is that I don't want this baby to feel gipped, but I know everything will be ok.  :)

So we told the ultrasound tech our plan and I gave her our 2 envelopes (one for the bakery, one for us).  When I spoke with the bakery, the teenage guy who took my order didn't really act like he knew what I was trying to do, so I wanted to make sure we had a back-up plan.  The ultrasound tech wrote on a card the gender for the bakery, and put the "money shot" picture in another envelope for Jon and me.  She did a GREAT job of not giving the sex away at all.  I was afraid she might accidentally let a "he" or a "she" slip, but she was very professional and handled it beautifully.  I'm sure she does that at least once a day.

So after she told us that we had a healthy baby that was measuring about 6 days early and weighing 12 ounces, I saw the doctor then headed to the bakery.  I told them I wanted the outside neutral, they could do whatever they wanted as long as I couldn't tell the sex from the outside.  I think he understand by this point.  I then came home to get everything ready and begin the stomach ache that lasted the rest of the day.  I don't think it was nerves, just excitement.

We displayed both the names we had picked for everyone to see.

We got dinner from Whole Hog BBQ to save us the headache from preparing a meal for everyone.  It was delicious, but I could hardly eat any.  As soon as the last plate was cleared, it was time to cut the cake!

It's a GIRL!

The cake was delicious and they did just what I wanted.  Thanks, Shelby Lynn's!  

We weren't expecting this, but some people brought us gifts.  They brought pink & blue gifts, but we only opened the pink ones.  So much fun!

We feel so blessed to have so many family & friends who love us so much to help us celebrate this time together.
 The happy grandmas
 My friend/co-worker, Katie with my friend Stacy's daughter
 Shannon, her mom Trish, & Westin
 Shannon & me
  A group shot

We had several other guests, but managed to not get pictures of everyone.  I want to make a note of them all for sweet baby Annabel.
Big T & Tiny Richey
Aunt Juliet Richey
Pappy & Nana Whittington
Uncle Jarrod Wiggins
Cody, Shannon, & Westin Davis
Davin, Stacy, Payton, & Parker Hicks
Jason & Katie Rowe
Mr. Cam & Mrs. Trish Rowe
Katie Gehrki

I told Jon the night before the party that when I start to think, "I really hope it's this or that" and I get caught up in imagining our lives with a boy or a girl, then the thought just hits me that there's no need to even wish or hope anything.  A baby's gender is one thing that can't be decided by humans.  It is totally and completely up to God, which is exactly what makes it so great.  You can rest assured knowing that whatever addition you have to your family is EXACTLY what gender God wanted it to be, therefore it is EXACTLY what is right for your family.  Knowing this just makes us so excited to see what life will be like with two little sisters 22 months apart.  We just can't wait!
And Adeline is just head over heels about it, too!

We all love you so much already, Annabel Brynn!


  1. This is the cutest thing ever! Congratulations!!!

  2. Just ran onto your blog. Congratulations! And I LOVE the name you chose! I have two of the same, too! Not girls, but having two of the same sure is a lot of fun!

  3. I am so sad we could not be there, but I am so so so happy for you guys!! I cannot wait to meet precious Annabel! I love you all!!

  4. Congratulations Lindsey! What a sweet blessing. And what a beautiful name, I especially love how it sounds with Adeline!

  5. congratulations. nothing sweeter than sisters! love her name too!