Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday - Vacation Day #6

Today was fairly low key.  We spent the morning at the beach and pool.

Adeline helped destroy Jon's sand castle village.  :)

It didn't seem like Adeline was too into the beach today.  After about an hour or so of playing, she crawled into Jon's lap & snuggled with him for a while, then crawled over into mine for some snuggling.  After about 10 minutes she looked up at me & said, "Bye bye.  Clean up."  

After Adeline's very short nap, we headed into Pensacola, FL to the naval base for an IMAX movie.  She and Jon had been watching a preview on our computer at home for Born to Be Wild.  Adeline was fascinated by the animals.  When we saw that it was at the IMAX and only 40 minutes long, we thought it'd be a great first movie for her to see.  We had no idea until we got there that the IMAX is on the naval base in a museum.  We got to explore a couple airplanes before the movie started.

Adeline did great at her first movie.  She sat in my lap very still the entire time and made appropriate animal sounds every now and then.  However, I don't think she could have lasted much more than 40 minutes.  Afterwards we headed back into Alabama for dinner at Bubba's with a very fussy, tired little girl.  

Jon and I had talked about having a date night sometime while we were on vacation & it dawned on us today that it had to be tonight.  Tomorrow night we'll be packing up to go home, so it was now or never. We let Nana & Pappy put Adeline to bed and we headed out to see Water for Elephants.  I absolutely loved it and was so glad it followed the book closely.

As far as my foot goes, we soaked my leg in vinegar before dinner, then during the 2 hour movie I sat with it propped up.  Now it's feeling much better.  I'm so grateful!

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