Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Rough Week

Well I guess if your child is going to get sick once a month, you'd rather it be in their second year of life rather than their first.  All weekend long I just had that mother's intuition that something wasn't right with Adeline.  She wasn't eating as much as normal, she kept putting her fingers in her ears, and her temp was running around 99.5.  I know that's not a fever, but it's higher than normal for her.  Anyway, I made an appointment first thing Monday morning so I could try to nip whatever it was in the bud before work started on Tuesday.  The doctor couldn't find a thing wrong with her.

Since she got a clean bill of health, we decided to go to gymnastics like we'd planned.  Adeline loved it!  I really thought it was great, too.  I think she's really going to learn a lot about being around other children, waiting her turn, and following directions....not to mention some great gymnast skills as well.  :)  The only complaint I had was another little girl her age was in there and was just plain MEAN to Adeline.  Once she didn't wait her turn & flipped right on top of A, kicking her in the nose.  Then at the end, Adeline went to sit on the little balance beam like the teacher asked and the other girl came up to her & just pushed her off!  It just broke my heart because I was so proud of Adeline for listening & doing what the other, older kids were doing, then that child just had to go & make her cry.  Anyway, enough about that.

We came home and played and played until nap time and all was well the rest of the day.

Tuesday I went to work and Jon and Adeline had their father/daughter time that evening and she was still acting fine.  
Sometimes I ask Jon to send me a picture while I'm at work.

Wednesday was a beautiful day so Adeline and her nanny and her little boy spent the morning outside swimming & playing.  Jon went home at lunch and sent me this picture:
With a text saying, "She's worn out.  They've been playing outside all morning."

I responded with, "She looks more than worn out.  She looks pitiful.  Check her temp."  Mother's intuition again....100.5.  Just barely a fever, but still a fever.  Jon thought maybe she was just dehydrated & got her to drink a lot of juice.  He told our nanny to check her temp again before nap and call me if it went up.  She called me 45 minutes later to tell me it was now 102.9.  I jumped in the car.  On the way home I called the pediatrician.  They told me to get in the car & bring her right then.  Ears were fine, strep & flu test negative, so then came the dreaded blood test to check for infection....negative too.  They sent me home with a diagnosis of a virus and instructions to bring her back in Friday if she hadn't gotten better.  

I stayed home with her the rest of the day and again on Thursday until 1:30 when Jon came home.  Thursday she woke up at 5:30 crying with a fever, but went back to sleep after Tylenol and never ran a fever the rest of the day.  However, she was very fussy and clingy & would hardly eat or drink anything.  

She wanted to wear Mommy's gloves :)

Today she was even worse, but still no fever.  She woke up at 6:30 crying uncontrollably.  Jon had to come home from work so I could take a shower & get dressed so that I'd be ready to take her to the doctor.  When Jon left I tried to get her to take some ibuprofen for the pain, but when it hit the back of her throat she cried so hard she threw up.  She wasn't happy unless I was holding her & rocking.  It was awful.  Our pediatrician made a special trip to the clinic to see us...we are so blessed with great doctors in our lives.  She discovered blisters all in the back of Adeline's throat.  She has 2 little red bumps on one of her fingers, so the doctor says it's viral and similar to hand/foot/mouth disease.  She told us to mix benadryl & maalox for the pain.  I tried giving it to her right before lunch and she had a meltdown again.  Finally after we got her calmed down, she took some of it and ate 2 popsicles, some applesauce, noodles, & a cheese stick and even took a few sips of ice water.  I'm so glad she ate something!  I think we're in for a long weekend, but my husband is a saint so I know we'll manage.  

Please pray for Adeline's quick recovery!


  1. I hope your girl feels better soon. Could you tell us where you got her ADORABLE swimsuit?

  2. poor thing i hope she feels better soon!!!

  3. The picture of her in the cabinet is too cute. She really thinks she is hidden. The one with her wearing your gloves is adorable, too!
    Love you both and hope sweet baby girl is well soon.

  4. Bless her heart. Despite being a sickling, you got some cute pictures of her. I hope she is feeling better!