Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vacation Day #3

We decided to just take it easy today.  We rented 4 chairs & 2 umbrellas on the beach & pretty much stayed there all day with just a few runs to the condo for snacks or potty breaks.

 This swimsuit is from Janie & Jack.  I bought it at a consignment sale for $4.

 This one is from Target.

Adeline took about an hour nap, then we all showered & did a little souvenir shopping and went out for dinner.  Afterwards, Jon and Adeline went for a dip in the pool.
 This swimsuit is from Old Navy.  I got it at a consignment sale for $3.

She was so exhausted by bedtime that we put her to bed early.  I'm hoping she'll sleep as late as she usually does.  I managed to keep her sunburn-free, but got burnt myself on just one side of my left leg.  How did I manage that?  I thought I put sunscreen everywhere!

Tomorrow we plan to shop!


  1. FUN FUN! Did she wear 3 suits in one day? I LOVE to find brand names for only dollars! Its the best feeling of saving money.. like extreme couponing or something.

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  3. Oooooppps! Flint probably would not like me leaving a comment under his name! That is kind of creepy!
    It looks like you are having so much fun! I wish we were still there! Adeline is such a cute little beach baby! Good luck shopping!