Sunday, January 8, 2012

Daddy's Home!

Yay!  Daddy's project went well so he got to be home with us all weekend.  We all thoroughly enjoyed it.  Adeline got some alone time with Daddy yesterday morning when they walked to the school and played on the playground, and I got to escape to Target by myself for a little while.  It was the first alone time I'd had in 11 days!

I took some giftcards Adeline got for Christmas and bought some potty training paraphernalia.  I got lots and lots of panties and a little potty.  I had already bought several potty training books earlier.  Adeline was very excited about all her new pretty panties.  She has also carried this potty around the house ever since randomly sitting on it fully clothed.

Yesterday evening we went our friend Kellen's 2nd birthday party at The Little Gym.

Shannon got some baby girl practice.  :)

And Annabel finally got her thumb in her mouth.

Adeline had the best time running around like crazy and of course eating cake, and Annabel loved watching all the big kids play. 

We've played with glo sticks in the bath a few times now.  Jon got this fun picture of Adeline with one in her mouth last night.

We moved Annabel's crib into the guest room yesterday, so she slept her first full night in there last night.  She had been sleeping on the Nap Nanny still.  She wasn't so sure about lying flat and woke up twice during the night, but was able to put herself back to sleep without being nursed both times.  This is how she was when I went to get her up before church this morning.  So sweet!

We all enjoyed a morning at church and I of course had to snap a few pictures of my girls all dressed up beforehand.

We all took good long naps this afternoon and Daddy did our grocery shopping for the week for us.  We are so blessed to have him in our lives!  

Adeline had her first accident tonight.  We had left her diaper off after attempting to potty for about 45 minutes when she peed her pants.  She alerted us immediately with, "Uh oh!  All wet."  We are trying to make this a very positive experience so there was no scolding.  A little while later, after I helped her get undressed and her teeth brushed before bath I told her to sit on her potty until Daddy came in to give her a bath.  As Jon was handing off Annabel, Adeline shouted for us to "wook!" and there was about a teaspoon of pee in the potty.  We of course made a big deal out of it and rewarded her with a pink starburst.  We have plans to make a "potty prize" box to keep our candy and special prizes tomorrow.  

We have had such a fun weekend, I hate to see it end...

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  1. This proves what I've known all along....I have the most precious granddaughters ever!!!
    I love you all!