Thursday, January 5, 2012

One of Those Days

Yesterday was one of those days that I just had to keep praying for patience.  Like I mentioned in my last post, Adeline is cutting her two-year molars and we're going on Day #9 of Daddy working 12+ hours a day.  I'm not sure if it's the teeth or what, but not only has Adeline been unusually cranky, but she's been waking up before 7 every morning.  That makes for a long day with a cranky 2 year old!  She threw several colossal fits yesterday.

I want to re-cap the biggest one so I can one day look back and laugh (hopefully).  She's been playing really well outside in the backyard by herself lately as long as Tulip is with her.  Yesterday morning she asked to go out, so I got her all bundled up (hat, socks, shoes, coat) and I took her outside so I could clean. She threw a massive fit because I wouldn't stay outside with her and it was back and forth for 5 minutes in and out.  She wanted to be outside, but wanted me with her, but I was refusing to go.  I finally made her stay in and unbundled her.  She then lost it and begged to go back out.  I told her no and put her in time-out to calm down.  After she sobbed and nearly hyperventilated and woke Annabel up from her morning nap, I decided she probably needed some Motrin to help with the teeth.  She climbed up in her stool at the kitchen counter to wait for the medicine and began rubbing her hands all over the wet countertops that I had just cleaned with Clorox wipes.  I said, "No, don't touch that.  They're yucky and will make you sick."  She then proceeds to bend over and LICK the wet, cloroxed countertops!  So then I had to wipe her tongue with a washcloth and wash her hands which made her throw another massive fit.  I was about to start crying myself!  I did a bit of research, though, and found that she should be fine from licking the Clorox counters.

She always wants to eat whatever we're eating.  Even if she's eating something of her own.  She had just about finished all her lunch yesterday when she started begging for mine.  I told her no, not until she ate all of hers.  This is the attitude I got...  Not crying, just refusing to look at me.

I did manage to get a few pictures of my girls together in their matching shirts their Aunt Amber gave them, though.

And here's my sweet, almost always happy baby.  She was a bit cranky herself, yesterday though.

And she's doing so well grabbing things and getting them to her mouth!

And I do have to say, by the time dinner rolled around, Adeline was happier.  And I shouldn't complain about her being obsessed with food.  This is what my 2 year old ate last night: broccoli & chicken casserole, black beans, & SALAD!  I don't think it's anything I've done.  I was just blessed to reproduce with a Richey.  :)

We have hit the sleep-training pretty hard with Annabel this week.  She had been doing so great and sleeping until at least 5am when it was time for meds, but has lately started waking up randomly at 2 or 3.  Last night she fussed off & on from 2-4 but was able to put herself back to sleep without nursing.  I'm hoping every night gets better.  

We are all looking forward to Daddy hopefully being home with us this weekend.  Adeline doesn't quite understand why it's been so many days that Daddy hasn't been home when she wakes up in the morning.  Every day when I bring her into our bedroom she says something like, "Shh, Daddy sleeping" and I have to burst her bubble and tell her that no, Daddy is at work.  Please say a prayer that his project continues to go well and they will be DONE tomorrow.  We miss him!!

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