Monday, January 30, 2012

Texas Birthday Weekend

I traveled to Texas by myself with the girls this past weekend for two very important birthdays.  I left on Thursday morning, so Jon stayed behind to work and finish some projects at home.

We had quite the exciting trip there.  First of all it was rainy the entire way.  Then, right as we were getting into the middle of nowhere mountainous area, Adeline decides to stick her foot through the door handle and open the door, going 75mph down the interstate!  Thank goodness the door didn't open all the way, but I was so scared that it would until I could find a safe enough spot to pull over & close it.  Then, a little bit later, I heard Adeline laughing hysterically in the backseat.  I turned around to see her holding Tulip up by her collar.  Poor Tulip's eyes were bulging out of her head!  I had to threaten a spanking to get her to let go.  Lastly, about an hour before our destination, my tire light came on.  I got out to check it, but it all looked okay and Jon had me text him a picture of the tire.  He said it looked fine and to go ahead.  About 2 hours after being home, my dad got home from work and came in to tell me that my car was sitting on the rim!  I'm so glad we made it home safely!

Friday, I took both girls shopping with my mom and grandmother.  We had a nice little lunch at a local cafeteria that I just love, even though we were the youngest there by about 40 years!  :)

On the way home from shopping my mom was driving and I was in the back with the girls.  A diesel truck ran us completely off the road onto the shoulder of a bridge.  He came from behind us so I know he saw us and my mom was honking like crazy and he just kept coming.  It was absolutely terrifying.  After I realized we were ok I started crying and shaking.  It upset Adeline so much and she still keeps saying, "What happened, Mommy?  Mommy cry.  That 'train' make mommy cry."

 I promise no babies were harmed in the taking of these pictures.

Friday night we ate dinner at my in-laws and we stayed the night there Friday and Saturday.  Saturday morning Adeline and Karen made pancakes.  Adeline went all the way upstairs by herself to get a little chair to stand on to help cook.  So sweet!

 Annabel is saying, "I'll tell you one thing..."

Saturday afternoon we went to sweet Lyla Faith's 1st birthday party!  Everything was so cute, especially Lyla!

 The precious birthday girl

 Adeline just had to help open gifts!

That afternoon my two BFFs came over to visit Annabel since she had not gone to the party.

Saturday night my family went out to eat to celebrate my grandmother's birthday.  It was fun, but my girls were exhausted by then and not on their best behavior.  :)

We made it home safely yesterday afternoon and Adeline covered her sister in stickers she got from Lyla's party favors.  Aren't big sisters fun?

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