Monday, June 4, 2012

It's June!

I thought summer was supposed to be a time to slow down and take it easy.  Quite the contrary here.  We went non-stop all weekend, and we have something every single day until the last week of June.  Crazy!

Adeline & Annabel being silly in the new car seat Friday afternoon
People are starting to tell me that Annabel is looking more like Adeline and sometimes I see it, but in this picture I see a miniature, girly version of Jon!

Friday night we took our girls to FNO (free babysitting our church provides) and Jon and I went out to eat, just the two of us.  That was so nice!

Saturday, we started off bright and early with a trip to my former boss' house to pick berries.  She lives in Prairie Grove and it was my first trip there.  Such a pretty little community.  We met my co-worker, Katie, and she rode with us out there.  It was my first berry-picking experience.  We had a great time.

Katie and I even got to do a little shopping at Daisies & Olives.  What a cute store.  I got these two vases.

Saturday night Uncle Shane, Aunt Juliet, and Murry came over for dinner.  We made lots of yummy vegetables and Juliet got to try pork chops for the first time in her life.  Can you believe that?

Sunday was church day.  Look at these adorable outfits their Tiny made them.  Adeline's is a dress & Annabel's is a bubble.

Jon and I worked in the nursery, then we left right afterwards because we had a birthday party to attend in Berryville (about an hour & half away).  A little boy I had in therapy turned four.  It was a dinosaur-themed pool party.  Missy did such a great job with everything.  She had the sand box filled with "dinosaur bones."  Adeline loved finding them all.

All the food was dinosaur-themed.  So creative!

Me with the birthday boy.  I love you, Mills!

The girls didn't get their normal nap because we were driving and partying, but Annabel slept all the way to the party, and they both slept almost all the way home.

Partying wears you out!

We were all so exhausted from our busy weekend that we decided to put the girls to bed a little earlier than usual last night.  We got busted when Adeline asked for a drink of water and I took her into the kitchen where the blinds were still open.  She said, "Where'd the dark go?"  Hah!  

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