Monday, June 11, 2012


That's the best I can come up with to describe the week we've had.  We had lots of fun activities planned for last week and the past weekend.  We started off with a bang...

I was way behind on laundry so Adeline had to sleep in random clothes Sunday night instead of her pajamas.  When she got up I started the laundry and I had to put Ace in for his weekly bath.  She chose this teapot as a stand-in for Ace..hah!

Annabel has decided she can get into whatever she wants now.  However, she's a much better listener than her big sister was at this age.  We usually only have to say "no no" a couple times and she'll move away.

We went over to the Davises later in the morning to play with Westin while Shannon took Reagan for her 2 month appointment.  These two had a lunch date.

Annabel might join the circus...

Monday evening we played in the Barbie Jeep.  Of course it attracted the next door neighbor kids.  The more the merrier!  Adeline loved having Caleb drive her around.  She's much more satisfied riding than driving.

Adeline doesn't really like to steer, so we just turn the wheels and they drive around the front yard in a big circle.  Annabel absolutely loves it.  I almost cried when I took this picture thinking about when they're 16 and 14 and they both drive out of our driveway together in a real car.  I know that day will be here before I know it.

We met Cilla and Rebekah at Boingo Bounce, then had lunch at CFA afterwards.

Adeline got some tutus in the mail for dance in the fall.  She had to model them!

My former work was having Water Week for all the kiddos so I took my girls up there to enjoy some splashing around, but didn't take any pictures.

We met the Davises and the Longs at the Springdale Library for a juggling show.  Kinley is Adeline's best friend from KDO.  Her mother and I are trying to get them together some during the summer because they both talk about each other all the time.  

Annabel working a puzzle :)

Adeline & Kinley

Adeline & Westin

We played at the park behind the library afterwards with Westin before Shannon and I got too hot.  I snapped some cute pictures of my girls that day, too.

I can't believe she's pulling up on everything like this now.  She's even started to cruise!

That night the girls had a little wreck in their Jeep.  Adeline ran them into a holly bush.  Can you see the scratch on Annabel's forehead?  She wasn't too happy about that.

We were supposed to go to play group, but Adeline came into our room at 6:30 with 100.7 temperature.  I normally wouldn't have taken her to the doctor for it, but I decided I better try to get her in since it was Friday.  I'm so glad I did because by the time we got to the doctor she had a 103.9 temperature!  The doctor diagnosed her with strep throat and sent us home with antibiotics.  

It has been absolutely terrible.  I don't think anything is worse than your child being sick and crying and you've tried everything you know to do and nothing is helping.  Adeline took lots of bubble baths.  What girl doesn't love a good bubble bath?

She curled up on the couch for the whole weekend watching movies.

We had to combine ibuprofen & tylenol all weekend and never miss a dose around the clock, because if we did, her temperature would sky rocket again.  I don't think it got below 101 all weekend.  We took a couple walks around the block with Adeline in the stroller just to get out of the house and get some fresh air.  Annabel tried out the red car for the first time and loves it!

More of the same...  We did take a ride in the car to get lunch.  Adeline fell asleep within minutes of leaving the house.

Jon painted Adeline's toenails.

She requested pink & purple.

Finally yesterday afternoon she took a 4 hour nap and woke up fever-free and has been ever since!  Praise Jesus!  

Today Annabel and I went to VBX since I had volunteered a few weeks ago.  Jon stayed home with Adeline until Kalee got out of class.  My hope was for the girls and I to all go tomorrow since Adeline has been without a fever for over 24 hours now, but I'm just not sure if that is going to happen.  Adeline still doesn't seem like herself.  She's very lethargic and cranky.  She doesn't even look like herself.  Her poor little eyes are all swollen and red.  She's in a much better mood since her nap today, but I'm still not sure about tomorrow.  She fell asleep as soon as Kalee got here today before lunch, which is definitely not like her.

On another note, Annabel tried cheese for the first time today.  I think she likes it.

Look at that pincer grasp!

So far Annabel has stayed strep-free and we pray it stays that way!  I'll leave you with a picture of my pretty hydrangeas Adeline and I cut to enjoy indoors this weekend.

We love flowers & we love purple!  We also love being well, so please pray for that!

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