Wednesday, March 4, 2015

1st Half of February

And now, we're on to February...

On our way back home from our Texas trip, Whitt was much happier pretending to drive during our rest stop than he was in his car seat.

They love it when I paint their nails.

For those that have been following Whitt's sleep drama, you know that he hasn't slept all night since 4 months old.  Well, we had a very rough couple of weeks where he was waking every 2-3 hours and I just couldn't deal with it anymore.  One night I was up rocking him and trying to get him to quit screaming when it was like I heard "try the paci again."  That was nowhere on my radar because he hadn't taken a pacifier since he was tiny.  I had some in his diaper bags and the nursery workers at church would try them every now and then, but he'd never take it.  I'd even thrown all the baby ones out.  That particular night when God met me in my desperation, I remembered that I had two pacifiers that I'd accidentally bought when he was tiny that were for 6-18 month olds.  I tried it and it worked like a charm.  He has slept 12+ hours every night since then.  Absolute miracle, I tell you!  I've since bought a thousand more and he sleeps with them all in his bed so he can just reach his little hand out and grab one if he ever needs one in the night.  I have a pacifier baby now, thanks to the Good Lord who does care about trivial matters like sleeping all night!

He turned 9 months old.  The two milestones that I remember from this month are:

1) Seven months after his sisters started sleeping all night, he decided to do that.  That's right.  His sisters started sleeping all night at 2 months and never got up in the night again unless they were sick.  He decided to do that at 9 months.
2) He got his two front, top teeth.

For a couple hours one day I tried out what it would be like to have five kids.  I decided that would only be possible if the two additional kids were raised by my friend Jodi for at least the first two years of their lives.  :)

If you're offended by this, I can't be your friend.  Goodbye.

Murry and Juliet joined us for dinner one night while Shane was out of town for work.

Dance day anger...

The Destroyer, as he's been lovingly nicknamed, ripped the growth chart off the wall.  So very thankful it didn't fall on his head.

We had some unseasonably warm, sunny weather that just so happened to fall on a weekend, so we packed up and headed to Devil's Den for the day.  It was one of those days you look back on and remember as being perfect.

The Richey parade around our block.

The girls started doing chores, or "responsibilities" as we like to call them.  We spent one morning making Spend, Save, Share jars for the coins they earn for completing their responsibilities.

We visited the nursing home with our friends for Valentine's Day.

We put together the girls' Valentines that they shared with their friends at school.

Whitt cooked dinner.

Annabel at her Valentine party.

We miraculously made it out of the house early for school one day, so I got this big girl a donut before I dropped her off.

We had so much fun at Adeline's school Valentine party.

The night before Valentine's Day our church had a comedy night for the young adults.  Am I a young adult?  I like to think so.  Anyway, Jon and I somehow got nominated for a kiss-off competition.

We also got to celebrate Hailey's birthday with her at Boingo Bounce.
Oh February, I love you so much more than January.  You are cold, but you are short.

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