Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The End of February

We had a fun Valentine's Day with our little family.  

This is the first year Jon didn't make my card, but he couldn't have bought a more perfect one.

He sleeps at church now, thanks to the pacifier.

We started something new in February.  We are making more of an effort to spend one-on-one time together.  In February, Jon took Annabel on a date and I took Adeline on one.  Then each month, we'll switch.  Whitt will get in the rotation when he's old enough to get it.

Jon and Annabel went out for ice cream and then to "the animal store" aka Cabela's.

It finally snowed here!

She likes to get into the "lip chap."

I actually got a smile out of him on this particular dance day.

Adeline's school had Morning with Mom one Friday.  I love doing things like this!

I caught them in Annabel's bed fixing hair one afternoon.  Melt my heart!

And, what do they need me for?

When Jon comes home for lunch, it's really hard for him to leave and go back to work.

Whitt was not having any of this ergo situation.  He wanted to be held, not worn!

A week or so after Annabel's & Jon's date, it was our turn.  When I told her it was our turn for our date, she said, "Do we have to take Whitt?"  Bless her heart!  And no, we did not have to take Whitt.

I let her pick what she wanted.  She chose a cake pop from Starbucks...

A mani/pedi...

And fro-yo...  We had such a fun afternoon.

One Saturday evening Kalee and "her prince", Dawson, came over to eat and visit.  Adeline told me before they got here, "don't talk to them for too long because I want them to play with us, too!"  She got her wish.

We've been doing hallway duty some Sunday mornings at church.  Whitt loves it because that means he gets to hang out with us.

And when he falls asleep, he gets put in a tiny crib.  :)

He thinks I'm hilarious.

Suppertime has become a battle with this one, most nights.  She frequently tells us, "I only like pizza, hot dogs, cereal, and chips!"  Which is really not true, because she does eat a lot more than that, she just likes to make things difficult.

We made breakfast for supper one night.  They helped with the blueberry muffins.

If I don't come to his room quickly enough when he wakes up, he starts throwing pacis out of his crib.

And he thinks he can help himself to snacks. (I need a bigger pantry.)

Chutes and Ladders, AKA Test Your Mother's Patience.

I was supposed to go on a girls' trip with my small group girls last weekend, but the weather had other plans.  I enjoyed my weekend with these girls (and my two boys) instead.

He's getting very very close to walking.

My little pianist is learning so much.

Whew, goodbye February.  Come on, Spring!

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