Wednesday, March 4, 2015

January 2015

Y'all, I've gotten way behind on my blog.  I got hooked on a good book, then on a good tv show, and now here we are!  Bear with me as I quickly try to catch up...

The kids had some wrestling matches...

We played at Little Giggles...

Whitt turned 8 months old...

But he wasn't super impressed about it.

(I know I'm terrible, but I'm not even going to do an 8 month post; because, let's just be honest, it's not like I remember things he was doing at 8 months that distinguished it from 7 months or even 9 months.)  There comes a point in mothering where you realize that your kid is going to have to just accept that maybe you spent more time caring for them than scrapbooking, baby-booking, blogging every little milestone they met.

Case in point...I held him while he was sleeping rather than blogged what he was doing at 8 months old.  :)

We put these awesome finger puppet tattoos on one day.  Someone really awesome gave them to us at Christmas, and maybe if I sent out Christmas thank you notes like some of my more southern friends, I'd remember who that really awesome person was.  Thank you, anonymous finger puppet donor!

We played with kinetic sand.  Another awesome person gave this to us at Christmas.  Someone on Jon's side.  We love it.  I can't help but play with it, too when we get it out.

Whitt had a major growth spurt and seemed like a giant to me all of a sudden.

The dishwasher became his OBSESSION!  It's like a magnet.  I can't stand for dirty dishes to be in my sink, but now that's where they stay until he's in bed, otherwise, he thinks he needs to help me.

He's such a momma's boy and I love it.  I think about the saying "A daughter's a daughter all of her life; a son is a son until he takes a wife" almost daily and I try to soak up every bit of his momma's boy tendencies while I still can!

Church cuties..

We celebrated sweet Annalyse's birthday.

This is Lyla, one of Adeline's BFFs at school.  I just love watching her form friendships.

My parents came up to visit and brought my table with them.  I LOOOOOVE it!  We still haven't ordered chairs to go with it, but that's coming soon.

We had some MLK day fun at the trampoline park.

The stomach bug hit us hard.  And isn't it always at the worst time?  Jon was basically working 24/7 on a huge project, but this thing stopped us all in our tracks.  I went to a walk-in and begged for IV fluids and zofran.

Adeline was my big helper and entertained Whitt while I recovered.

And then it got her...

We celebrated Parker & Payton's birthday at an indoor pool.  So fun!

His sisters started locking him out of their room.  He doesn't much care for that.

They were sharing secrets over pudding one afternoon and I just had to capture it on camera.

He's not a fan of dance days.

We went to Texas one weekend.

And surprised my grandmother for her birthday.

While Jon was at a hunting bachelor party.

January is usually my least favorite month.  It involves a lot of sickness and cold and being stuck inside.  It seems to last forever.  I'm not sad to see it go!  

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