Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ready for Spring

It's March, and in Texas that means spring is here, but in Northwest Arkansas, it's pretty much just another winter month.  It doesn't mean this transplanted Texan isn't ready for spring, though!  I love that we have seasons here, but winter is loooong, especially when you have small kids.

This little girly girl made a necklace at church.

We celebrated Hollyn's 5th birthday with her.

One morning at 6:15 I heard Adeline say over the monitor, "Hey, Annabel!  Come get in bed with me!"

We walked to piano in the snow.  Can you tell I needed some fresh air?

Adeline shared her ice cream with Whitt at CFA one day.  I'd be lying if I said it was his first.

We had two snow days in a row.  My kitchen table served its purpose.

Nothing melts my heart more than a sleeping baby.

I walked in the play room one day to find Whitt in this bucket.  Adeline said, "I put him in there so he could watch my puppet show."

We own every teether they make, but he prefers my kitchen hardware.

We got Whitt this ride-on toy for his birthday.  I know it's early, but I couldn't wait two more months.

I caught him doing this one day.  It was a snow day.  We all needed a few minutes of peace.

And we finally got out of the house last Friday for the first time in several days.  Adeline went to school and the rest of us went to a moms group at church.

But then I got a call that Adeline was complaining of a headache.  Jon picked her up early and she took a nap when she got home.  When she woke up, she spiked a fever and that's when I started to worry.  The only thing she was complaining of was a headache, so you know me.  My first thought was meningitis.  I know, I know.  Anyway, I took her to urgent care, they ran all kinds of tests, but determined it was just some virus.  She ran a fever all weekend, but was back to her normal self by Monday.

Whitt had his first trash-truck-watching experience on Saturday.  He as a fan.

And I've started giving him a little cow's milk every day.  He loves it.

Daylight Savings Time was my friend for two mornings.  The kids slept until 8 or later, but then today, they were back awake at their usual 7:00. Oh well, this face is worth it.

Yay for March.  Just one month closer to spring!

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