Friday, July 16, 2010

Angel with a Blue Dress On

Today we had play group at Shannon's house. We enjoyed lots of yummy food and good friends. However, we had to cut our playing short because Adeline got sick. She's had a snotty nose the past couple of days, but wasn't running a fever, so we went anyway. Well, when we got there she was fine at first, but then became really fussy. I picked her up and she acted like she was straining really hard, then vomit poured out of her mouth and nose. We hurried home, but once we got home, she was fine. Not running a fever and all smiles and giggles, so we had a little photo shoot. Her Tiny made this dress and her Nana got her the adorable little shoes. These are the first pair of shoes that have easily stayed on her feet and that she doesn't mind wearing for a long time. They are Robeez. She has a very narrow, skinny little foot, so they look really wide and make her foot look bigger than they are, but they're right in the length and they fit tight enough around her ankles that they stay on perfectly! They're so soft and comfy that she doesn't even act like she realizes they're on. They don't hinder her crawling or pulling up at all, so we love them! (We got 2 pair)
She loves this thing
Cute little Westin (He smiled at me a lot, but I didn't get any on camera)
Ava cheesin' for the camera
Our photo shoot
The shoes we got

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  1. Her standing Toy looks like so much fun! Those shoes are adorable. Its official I have to have a girl their stuff is way more fun. Boys stuff has is moments, but I want the girl stuff!!!!