Friday, July 9, 2010

Random Pics & Videos

I have a few pictures and videos from the week I want to get on the blog, but that don't really have a recurring theme. We'll start at the beginning.

Posing with Henry (great-grandpa) before leaving town Monday morning
Posing with Tiny & Big T
The abundance of milk I've pumped that has now thankfully been moved to a deep freezer all it's own.
Trying out tofu
Waking up so happy & cute with adorable bedhead Wednesday morning
Getting stuck under the chair
Dribbling her ball with Daddy

Trying out the new convertible carseat
Crawling through the kitchen chairs
Playing with the big dogs
I have a couple adorable videos, but they aren't uploading for some reason.

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  1. I am so glad I got to meet you in person yesterday! I was so surprised to see you girls! Thanks for taking good care of Cilla. She was so happy when we picked her up. I think she had a fun time! I am so sorry I didn't get to visit more. Of course we were running late when we got there and were running after church to meet some friends for lunch. I would love love love to get together. This week is kind of crazy. My parents are coming into town tomorrow and we are going to be gone a few days. Let's find a day soon, though. Maybe one day next week or the next?!?! My email address is hogwildbek at aol. It would be lots fun to get together for lunch or just to play.