Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nana's Little Ladybug & Tiny's Watermelon

My mom has called Adeline her "little ladybug" ever since she was born. She recently found this little outfit for her. It has ladybugs on the front that are little pockets. I thought she looked so cute.
Tiny also made this adorable watermelon dress for her. She wore it out to eat with all of us last night.

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  1. She is Nana's little ladybug! I can't wait until she gets old enough for me tell her the story of how on the day she was born and I was walking the last 20 miles of the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk ladybugs were landing on me ALL day! I've always heard that ladybugs bring good luck and although I'm not superstitious, this was certainly true on November 8, 2009 because as soon as we finished the walk we got the call that Miss Adeline was on the way!!!! I love my little ladybug!!