Sunday, November 7, 2010

Birthday Weekend

We had lots of family and friends travel in from out of town for Adeline's birthday party. Friday night my parents, my aunt, and my grandparents came in from our hometown. We went out for dinner that night, then we stayed up late decorating for the party. Jon's parents came in later that night, but spent the night with Shane and Juliet.

The next day, one of Jon's best childhood friends and his sweet family came in town all the way from GUAM! Matt is in the Air Force and was coming to the states for some training. He and his family happened to be traveling through this area just in time for the party! We all went out to dinner together Saturday night, then everyone came back over for breakfast this morning.

Jon and Matt are 1 month apart in age and their parents have been friends since they were both born. Matt and his sweet wife, Heather, had a little girl just one month after Adeline was born. This weekend they finally got to meet and play together!
The Girls and their Daddies
And their Grandmas
Playing Playing

And of course a couple more of our girl.....
It was a fun-filled weekend. I'm just sad I didn't get more pictures with all our party guests. :(

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