Friday, November 26, 2010


All through the month of November, leading up to Thanksgiving, I've been updating my facebook status daily with what I'm thankful for. I'm printing my blog into a book for Christmas, so I wanted to document all the things I've been thankful for this year.

November 1 - My husband & my daughter
Nov 2 - My home
Nov 3 - My dogs
Nov 4 - My job
Nov 5 - 30 degree mornings & my easy to ignite gas fireplace
Nov 6 - Adeline and all her family and friends celebrating her birthday with us
Nov 7 - Sundays
Nov 8 - My sweet little Adeline who entered this world & our hearts exactly 1 year ago today
Nov 9 - Only 7 more work days until Thanksgiving
Nov 10 - Potlucks at work
Nov 11 - All the military men & women who have & do work so hard for my freedom
Nov 12 - My much needed haircut appointment this afternoon
Nov 13 - All my college days at TCU...Go FROGS!
Nov 14 - My sweet husband who loves his girls more than anything
Nov 15 - My Mondays with Adeline
Nov 16 - Anita, our sweet nanny
Nov 17 - My 3 sweet, child-friendly dogs
Nov 18 - A safe home, a comfy bed, & a great night's sleep
Nov 19 - A great group of Godly women with whom I'm learning to be a mom
Nov 20 - Christmas decorations, and of course Jesus, who makes Christmas decorations possible
Nov 21 - Afternoon naps..I really hope I get one!
Nov 22 - My extremely loving, generous in-laws, especially Shane Richey for helping my hubby plant some really big trees
Nov 23 - The Bible, and all its lessons, promises, & stories
Nov 24 - A pretty, non-Dallas drive to my hometown (even though it's a lot further!)
Nov 25 - Yummy food & my family, especially my wonderful Jon & sweet Adeline

I am thankful for much more, but I tried to update my status with things that went along with what I was doing that day. For example, I am very very thankful for my wonderful parents. I don't know where I'd be without them!

A few pictures from our day yesterday....
Morning walk to the pond
Happy Dogs
Happy Turkey Day!
My Aunt Denise carving the turkey
Adeline & Tater Tot
Adeline's plate (no, she didn't eat all of it, but she tried & loved it all)
Snuggling with Nana
Adeline & Nana working off their Thanksgiving lunch
Watching it rain
Visiting with Ginga (our 2nd Thanksgiving of the day)
Playing with Tiny & Big T
Rocking with Daddy

We had a busy day and were all worn completely out, but it was worth it to spend the day with family. We are so blessed!

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  1. I was wondering if I was going to make the Top 30!? Just kidding! I love you and am so very thankful for you! I'm so glad y'all came home for Thanksgiving. I enjoyed every minute!