Monday, November 8, 2010


Our baby girl is 1 today! I can't believe how fast the year has FLOWN by.
We had a very fun-filled day, today. I wanted to make her birthday extra special. Jon and I decided to start a tradition where on our kids' birthdays one of us will spend the day with them doing lots of fun stuff just for them. This will be a way to make them feel special and have some Mommy/Daddy time devoted solely to them. Since Adeline's birthday fell on a Monday this year, I was automatically it since I didn't have to take off work. Next year we'll have to fight over who gets to spend her day with her. :)

First, we skipped the morning nap and went to Baby Bookworms at the Fayetteville Library. We met Shannon and Westin there for some fun song and story time.
Posing with my birthday girl
She got to play with some bells

Then, Adeline and I headed to Bentonville to preview a Gymboree class.
She took a little nap on the way
She loved crawling around on all their fun toys!

Jon took a late lunch so he could be home when we got there. Afterwards, we had a few minutes to play before nap time.
She loves all her birthday gifts!

When Daddy got home from work, we went for a walk to a nearby school so we could play on the playground.
Trying to keep the wind out of her didn't last long
What are you doing, Daddy?

When we got home, we gave her another present from us..a Rody!
She loves her

We then cooked pasta for dinner, Adeline's favorite meal.
Then we sang to her again and she got to have part of a chocolate cupcake for dessert :)

Now she's in bed a little early. She was worn out from such a busy day. I think she enjoyed every minute. I enjoyed every bit, too, and to make it even better, everything we did was FREE!

What is our girl doing at one year?
  • Nursing twice a day (morning & night)
  • Eating just about everything under the sun
  • Wearing size 4 diapers
  • Wearing 12-18 month clothes
  • Size 4 shoes
  • Taking 2 naps a day, but sometimes skips the morning nap for special occasions
  • Sleeps from about 8:30pm-7:00am every night
  • Walking more & more - just started this weekend having really good balance & taking about 5 steps in a row before sitting
  • Standing up from a sitting position without pulling up on anything
  • Holds up 1 finger when you ask, "How old are you?"
  • Has 9 words: Momma, Daddy, Bye Bye, Up, Uh Oh, All Done, Hello/Hi, Look, Baby
  • Can put in & take out various objects (animals in barn, balls in basket, etc)
  • Gets the concept of the shape sorter, but can't quite get them to go in all the way without help
  • Gives sugar - big, wet, open-mouthed kisses that I could get all day long!
  • Feeds self with spoon very messily
  • Loves to throw things, especially balls
  • Will NOT wear bows or anything on her head :(
  • Assists in dressing by pushing arms through shirt holes
I'm sure there are lots more things, but I'm worn out from our busy day. I can't believe how much has changed in a year. I would have never thought my life would feel so full and complete. The simplest, mundane things are exceptionally enjoyable now because of her in our lives. We love our sweet girl so much and can't wait to watch her grow in the years to come. I just hope they slow down a bit!


  1. I am so glad my sweet Niece had a wonderful birthday..still my breaks my heart I couldn't be there to help celebrate. Maybe one day we will live close and can celebrate both our sweet babies birthdays together! I love you both very much and miss you tons!

  2. Yes, this year has certainly gone quickly. It must be because we're having so much fun!
    Adeline is the most precious little granddaughter a Nana could want. I'm also so proud of you and Jon. Y'all are great parents!! I love you three all the world full!