Monday, July 26, 2010

Products I Discovered

This weekend I came across 2 new products that I love so much, I thought I'd share with you. The first is a journal I was given as a bridesmaid gift. It is from a company called Kairos Word. They take a Bible verse and wherever it refers to "you" they change it to a person's name. So every page of the journal has a DIFFERENT Bible verse at the bottom with "Lindsey" in it. I think it is just fantastic! It would make such a great gift. It would be great for graduation, bridesmaids, teachers, or just about any occasion!

The other is a children's clothing company that has the softest, cutest every day clothes. It is called Peek...Aren't you curious? We got Adeline a onesie and a little dress with leggings for the fall. It is just so soft and comfy. I wish she could wear it every day! I'll leave you with a few pics of my little cutie in her new onesie. (My MIL made the barrette)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

(One of) My Best Friend's Wedding

This past weekend, something wonderful and joyous occurred. One of my best friends married the love of her life. However, that's the only thing wonderful and joyous that happened in my life this weekend. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and perfect and I enjoyed every minute of it, but everything else that took place this weekend was a real bummer! We left bright and early Friday morning to get to Dallas for the rehearsal & dinner. We stopped twice and got stuck in traffic, which caused us to be in the car for 7 straight hours. Needless to say, Adeline was not a happy camper at this point. When we got to the hotel, they had not given us and my parents adjoining rooms like we had asked and we had about 20 minutes to change clothes and get to the rehearsal. We ended up being late, which I HATE doing! The rehearsal was short and sweet, but I had to leave a few minutes early to feed Adeline in the parking garage. Then we headed to the rehearsal dinner which took at least 30 minutes to go a distance of about 7 miles. By the time we got to the restaurant, Adeline was miserable. She screamed the whole time we were there. Jon and I stuffed the delicious fajitas down our throats and rushed back to the hotel. We did not have a fridge in our room, so the breast milk I had brought with me for Aunt Kiersten to use Saturday night was ruined. I laid in bed stressing over this for a good hour, then I decided I'd just get up at 5:00 and pump enough for her to have that night. Well, I got up at 5, but when I shut the bathroom door, it clicked and Adeline woke up screaming. I had to feed her what I was going to pump in order to calm her down. She fell back asleep for maybe 30 minutes. I lay there then praying and stressing even more about what I was going to do for her that night, then it dawned on me that my parents had 6 frozen bottles in their freezer. They weren't leaving until Saturday morning. I called my mom to ask her to bring 2 bottles with her right as they were walking out the door. Thank you, Jesus. Saturday went as well as it could go with a fussy, teething baby. We shopped a little and ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. While we were there, the fussiness got worse & Adeline threw up twice. We hurried back to the hotel for me to feed her & put her down for a nap before I got my hair done for the wedding. She ate well, but then only slept for maybe 45 minutes. We knew at this point that Jon was not going to be able to leave Adeline. She was way too fussy and sick to be pawned on off on poor unsuspecting Aunt Kiersten. Then the wedding festivities commenced. It was absolutely fabulous! I cried and danced and loved every minute. After the reception, I stayed with my parents to help clean up and we headed back to the hotel. I took a quick shower in my parents' room and quietly crawled in bed with Jon. About 30 minutes later, Adeline woke up screaming her head off. (This is approximately 12:30am) I picked her up and put her in bed with us. She stopped screaming, but did not go back to sleep until 3:30, then was up again at 6:30. We hurriedly packed our things and shoved some over-priced breakfast buffet down our throats and headed home. We got about 5 miles from the hotel when we were pulled over and ticketed for speeding. Could this day get any better? Adeline slept the first hour and a half, then I fed her and we headed back out on the road. She fussed on and off for about an hour then she completely lost it. She was absolutely hysterical! We were on a 5 mile long bridge and could not pull over. By the time we made it to a place where we could pull over, she and I were both crying hysterically. Thank God I have such an amazing husband who is calm under pressure. He made it all better. But then, there must be some icing on that cake. We come home to find that Tulip has chewed up the molding around the front door. Our friend kept her this weekend and had only dropped her back off at our house about an hour before we got home. So now, we've fed and bathed Adeline early tonight in hopes of getting a little more sleep. It is now 8:00 and we're all in bed. I hope we can stay that way until at least 7am! I see a little white speck on her top gum, but it still hasn't broken through. It's amazing what one little tooth can do. (I know this was long and boring, but I wanted to document it because I keep telling myself that one day I'll look back on these last 72 hours and laugh.)

With all the drama going on, I forgot to take any pictures of the beautiful bride. These are the only ones I got of the whole weekend.
Rehearsal Dinner - this is as good as it got
Jon hung out with his sister & her friend while I was at the wedding
I snatched this photo from someone else. Aren't they just perfect?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Angel with a Blue Dress On

Today we had play group at Shannon's house. We enjoyed lots of yummy food and good friends. However, we had to cut our playing short because Adeline got sick. She's had a snotty nose the past couple of days, but wasn't running a fever, so we went anyway. Well, when we got there she was fine at first, but then became really fussy. I picked her up and she acted like she was straining really hard, then vomit poured out of her mouth and nose. We hurried home, but once we got home, she was fine. Not running a fever and all smiles and giggles, so we had a little photo shoot. Her Tiny made this dress and her Nana got her the adorable little shoes. These are the first pair of shoes that have easily stayed on her feet and that she doesn't mind wearing for a long time. They are Robeez. She has a very narrow, skinny little foot, so they look really wide and make her foot look bigger than they are, but they're right in the length and they fit tight enough around her ankles that they stay on perfectly! They're so soft and comfy that she doesn't even act like she realizes they're on. They don't hinder her crawling or pulling up at all, so we love them! (We got 2 pair)
She loves this thing
Cute little Westin (He smiled at me a lot, but I didn't get any on camera)
Ava cheesin' for the camera
Our photo shoot
The shoes we got

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Adeline has discovered windows and she is in awe. It's very nice now that she can entertain herself this way. It's especially nice in the evenings while we clean up the kitchen. This used to be the time of day that she would fuss and we'd have to hold her while we tried to clean..not easy!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Random Pics & Videos

I have a few pictures and videos from the week I want to get on the blog, but that don't really have a recurring theme. We'll start at the beginning.

Posing with Henry (great-grandpa) before leaving town Monday morning
Posing with Tiny & Big T
The abundance of milk I've pumped that has now thankfully been moved to a deep freezer all it's own.
Trying out tofu
Waking up so happy & cute with adorable bedhead Wednesday morning
Getting stuck under the chair
Dribbling her ball with Daddy

Trying out the new convertible carseat
Crawling through the kitchen chairs
Playing with the big dogs
I have a couple adorable videos, but they aren't uploading for some reason.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

8 Months Old

Adeline is 8 months old today! Time flies when you're having fun.
What is Adeline doing at 8 months:
  • Crawling faster & faster every day & getting into everything
  • Pulling up on just about anything - today she pulled up on the shower door, just holding onto the glass
  • Sometimes standing independently without holding onto anything - lasts approximately 2-5 seconds
  • Saying "Momma" and has started making a "b" sound
  • Blowing raspberries a lot
  • Eating lots - nursing 5 times a day (every 3 hours starting at 7:30am), eating 2 servings of food at every meal; fruit & cereal at breakfast, veggie & fruit at lunch & dinner; eating some finger foods when we want to keep her entertained at meals (crackers, teething biscuits, tofu)
  • Grasping items using a gross grasp & a 3 jaw chuck (first & middle with thumb)
  • Loves to read, her favorite is still Where is Baby's Belly Button
  • Waves bye bye & even kind of mouths the words sometimes
  • Gets so excited when I get home from work - she'll cry & scream if I don't pick her up immediately
  • Loves being outside
  • Loves animals, especially dogs
  • Wearing size 3 diapers
  • Wearing size 1 shoes, but they are getting a little small
  • Wearing 6-9 month & 9 month clothes
  • Has now gotten 2 bruises - one on her side & one on her knee, she falls a lot (goes along with the territory of pulling up & cruising)
  • Has started fake coughing & fake crying
  • Plays this adorable little peek-a-boo game with strangers - if Jon or I are holding her and someone she's not familiar with comes around & starts talking to her, she smiles really big and quickly turns her face toward the chest of whoever is holding her, then turns back around & smiles back at them
  • Crawls to me or Jon and tugs on our leg to be picked up - I LOVE this!
  • Is still a great sleeper - 8:30pm-7:30am, 2 big naps a day; however, this week, for the first time since she was 8 weeks old, she woke up crying at 12:30am and didn't go back to sleep until 2am... Jon and I were exhausted! Maybe she's getting teeth?
I could go on and on, but those are the major ones. We love our little girl so much and can't imagine our lives without her. She is the best thing that has ever happened to us!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Weekend

We had a wonderful long weekend at home with our families. Jon was off Thursday afternoon-Tuesday so we were able to get out of town Friday morning. We started off the weekend by going out to eat Friday night with my parents, Jon's parents, and my aunt Jana & Barry. My dad had not seen Adeline since Mother's Day, so after dinner, we had to show Pappy all her new tricks.
Her dress kept hindering her crawling skills, so we took it off.
Saturday morning, we had a little patriotic photo shoot, then we headed to Omaha, TX to see Jon's aunts & uncles.
Isn't she cute?
Aunt Kiersten
Great Uncles Larry & Nolan
Great Great Aunt Helen
Cousin Aiden (I've got something you don't have)
All that visiting just wore her out!
That night we hung out with Jon's immediate family. We swam a little, ate a lot, and popped a few fireworks.
Fun times!

Sunday morning we went to church, then over to my grandma's to swim. We got a family picture before changing into our swimsuits.
Isn't the dress Adeline is wearing adorable? It was a joint effort between Jon's mom (who did the sewing) and my grandma (who did the monogramming).
More swimming

That evening, we got together with my dad's family for a cookout and fireworks. We had a blast.
Adeline and her 2nd cousin, Kasey (2 beautiful blue eyed girls)
This is when the fun really started...we all had a hula-hooping contest. It was hilarious!
Cousins Amanda & Makya
Blowing bubbles

Now it's back to work we go....

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nana's Little Ladybug & Tiny's Watermelon

My mom has called Adeline her "little ladybug" ever since she was born. She recently found this little outfit for her. It has ladybugs on the front that are little pockets. I thought she looked so cute.
Tiny also made this adorable watermelon dress for her. She wore it out to eat with all of us last night.