Friday, March 25, 2011

New Car Fever

So yep, I've got the bug.  The new car bug, that is.  When I told Jon I had it, his exact words were, "Well, you better get rid of that."  That was about a month ago.

I don't look at cars online, we never watch TV & when we do it's DVR so I don't see commercials, & we certainly haven't been to look at any cars, so why can't I get rid of this fever?  I think about my new car all the time.  It's like a little love affair I have.  Just me & my new car in my day dreams & in my thoughts at night when I'm suffering from insomnia.  So are you curious now as to what kind of new car I want?  If I'm around you very often you already know.  Brace yourself because it's a shocker!  I really really really really really want a new.......MINIVAN!  

I know.  It's crazy, right?  Before Jon's 4Runner was smushed by a tree in the ice storm, I was going to be the next one to get a new car.  He told me then that I should get a minivan since we were wanting to start a family soon.  He said they were the perfect family car.  I remember saying exactly, "No way!  I will ride a bicycle before I will EVER drive a minivan!"  I'm serious.  Those words actually came out of my mouth and now I can't imagine my life without a minivan.  At the time I wanted a Honda Pilot, just like the one his mom drove.  Well, when his truck was totaled, that's exactly what I got.  Her Honda & he started driving my Jeep Liberty.  He hated the Liberty and last year he traded it in for his Tundra.  So now, we're paying off two cars & me getting a minivan is out of the question.  But can't a girl still dream?

Let me tell you why I want a minivan:

  • Sliding doors - for those of you with kids, you know why.  It is so difficult to get a baby carrier out of a car in any parking spot.  Someone or something is always too close so you're having to squeeze in & out.  I know I'm past the carrier stage with Adeline, but Baby #2 will be here soon and life would be oh so much easier if I had sliding doors.  Especially since I'll be trying to get TWO kids out of the car.
  • Doors that open & close with the push of a button on your key ring.  Can you imagine the ease of getting shopping bags, kids, pets, toys, etc in & out of your car when you've got your hands full of all of the above items if you could just push a button & the doors would slide open &/or the back hatch would pop open? (and then close with the same push of a button)
  • A TV that hangs from the ceiling & can be operated by the driver while driving.  We currently have a TV that straps onto the headrest of the front seats.  How is this going to work with two kids trying to watch a video?  Also, do you know how annoying it is to listen to a 30 minute Baby Einstein video FIVE times in a row?  If I could operate the DVD player while driving, I could change out the movie however frequently I wanted!  We only allow video-watching in the car on long car rides, but we take long car rides fairly often.  This would just make life so much easier.
  • All kinds of useful, nifty storing compartments that only minivans have.  
Those are the four main reasons that come to mind right now.  I'm sure there are lots more wonderful things that minivans have to offer that I don't even know about since I've never driven one.  I know they're not glamorous & I'm probably going to get made fun of by most of my friends, but I want one and there's nothing you can say to make me change my mind.  Maybe in a few years we can afford one, but will I even need it as badly then?  

If I could test drive some, these are the four I would look at: (& I promise this is the first time I've looked at them online)
 The Nisssan Quest
 The Volkswagen Routan
 The Honda Odyssey
The Toyota Sienna

I don't think minivans are pretty cars.  In fact, I kind of think they're ugly.  (not to offend any minivan drivers out know I envy you)  However, I live by the same theory I do about a clean car.  I don't really ever see the outside of it, so the looks don't really bother me.  I want one to make my life easier.  End of story!


  1. Two of my good friends were minivan haters, but now have one and LOVE it!

    They definently would agree with you on all the points you mentioned above.

  2. I traded my Odyssey in last August for a GMC Acadia and REGRET every SECOND of it. I WANT MY MINIVAN BACK! IT WAS THE BEST thing EVER!!!!

  3. I went through a phase this summer where I wanted to trade our Pilot for a van! They are so nice and ride so well! The Pilot has been great with two kids but I would give anything for my it to have sliding doors! Ha!

    My friend just got a new Odyssey and it's awesome! Go test drive one!!

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......don't do it!

  5. Having a minivan would be great for your growing family. It is so spacious that, even if you stuff all sorts of things inside, the family members will still fit comfortably. And consider researching about the minivan you like. Some have qualifications like Toyota’s Star Safety System that are specially made to ensure the safety of people who will use the car.

    @Patrick Gauer

  6. Maybe the thought of baby #2 coming soon is one more reason for you to go for a minivan. Anyway, the main advantage of a minivan is the space it provides. Minivans offer a roomy and comfortable interior, and it has plenty of cargo space, which is good for a growing family like yours.

    @Carson Wininger

  7. Your husband is right! The minivan is actually considered as a good family car. Being spacious is not only the biggest advantage of this car, it also superb features that can ensure the safety of all the passengers inside. It can be the perfect car for your growing family.

    @Stelle Courney

  8. Like Stelle, I also agree with your husband. If you're planning to have a family of 3 or more, you should invest in a minivan as early as now. I mean, it's not that stylish, but if you come to think of the comfort it can provide for you and your babies, it is more viable compared to a sedan. You can also use this for long road trips or a very long vacation. You can bring all the necessary things, and more, if you get to own one of these cars.

    Tyra Shortino