Friday, March 25, 2011

The Rest of our NB Trip

Not long after we woke up on Saturday we met some family at the park.  Adeline wasn't quite so sure about everyone, but I think she had a good time.
 My cousin Samantha & her daughter, Elizabeth came in town.  Elizabeth will be 2 next month.

 Aunt Kiersten came to play too!
 Adeline & Nana crawled through tunnels & slid down slides.

 Adeline really enjoyed the teeter-totter, but didn't much like sharing her seat.  
I think she could have swung all day...just like her momma.

After lunch we headed over to my aunt Denise's house so Adeline could see her horses.  However, she was much more impressed with her 8 dogs than her horses.  

 Reggie chasing/playing with "Mini-Horse"
 Viper & Preacher
 Viper was her favorite.
 Sitting bareback with cousin Spencer
She figured out how to get out of the yard.

It was getting close to nap time & Adeline was getting very tired.  Every time one of Denise's dogs would walk by that was about her height, Adeline would lean over & lay her head on it & start sucking her thumb.  We decided we better get that girl home for a nap.  She ended up sleeping 3 1/2 hours!  

When she woke up, we went over to my grandma's to eat with all my cousins and aunts & uncles.  Almost the whole gang was there and we had such a great time.  It has been forever since all of us were in one place at once.  

 With my girl cousins Samantha, Dorothy, & Amanda
 An attempt to get a pic of the 3 youngest great-granddaughters.  (Adeline didn't want Elizabeth near her 3-wheeler)
 Us with all our 2009 babies

 Ginga (A's great-grandma) reading her a book.  (I love this picture)

Playing on Uncle John's Harley.

We headed home after lunch on Sunday.  Adeline is doing much better in the car.  She only slept about 30 minutes, but she was happy most of the time.  When we got home she was ready to burn some energy.  

So why didn't Jon go with us and what did he do all weekend?  Well, we left too early on Friday for him to go with us, but that was ok because he had lots of stuff he wanted to get done around the house.  He worked hard all weekend and this was his biggest accomplishment.

He dug up most of these rocks from Shane & Juliet's yard then line our flower beds with them.  I love the way they look!  Now I just need to start weeding & planting!

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