Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today was full of activities and full of love!

My day started at 2:00am when I woke up from a bad dream. Every time I wake up in the night I look on the monitor to check on the girls.  I found Annabel wiggled over to the side of her crib with her face pushed up against the bumpers.  I quickly went in there to move her, but by the time I got back in bed, she had wiggled back over.  I went back a couple more times with the result being the same each time.  Eventually I woke up Jon hoping he could offer some advice.  He moved her once and she was back against the bumpers before he made it back down the hall.  He said, "she's going to keep going there because that's where she's comfortable; just don't worry about it."  That's a lot easier said than done.  By 3:30 she was in a position that I felt was safe, so I went back to sleep until 5 when I gave her meds and nursed her.  At that point I just stayed up and worked out & got ready for the day.  Not long after putting her back to sleep she had made her way back over to her favorite spot.

 I hope tonight goes a little more smoothly!

I snapped a few quick shots of my girls in their matching heart PJs before Bible Study.  Here's proof that getting a good picture of them both together is quite difficult...

While I was in my Bible study, Adeline made this for me in her class!  How sweet!

After Bible study, some moms from our play group met up at a local nursing home to pass out Valentine's.  It was such an awesome experience.  I just love the elderly and miss them so much from when I used to work with them.  I had so much fun.  Adeline loved passing out the Valentine's she made too, but was still a little nervous.  She wanted to pass them out, but wanted to keep a hold of my hand at the same time.  Annabel got lots of attention as well.  Everyone kept saying, "Let me see that baby! Oh, look at her smile.  What a happy, pretty girl she is!"

The kids (minus Annabel & Elsy Kate)...  Westin, Adeline, Parker, Payton, Zach, & Colson

Adeline kept some stickers for herself and entertained herself with them on the ride home.

During naptime I made these cupcakes I found on Pinterest.  Oh my word..to die for!  I am not much of a baker, but I do have to brag on these.  They were pretty easy, but more difficult then the "back of the box" recipes I usually follow.  It's a brownie mix on bottom, then strawberry cake, then vanilla icing.  Yumm-o!

Before Jon got home I quickly made this little Valentine for him from the girls..

The table I set with all our Valentine goodies...  See the two pop-up cards?  Jon made those himself!  I married in to such talent!

Annabel had her 3rd wardrobe change of the day due to a blow-out.  I found this onesie my grandmother  made for Adeline.  It says Queen of Hearts on it.  Perfect for today!

This is what Annabel got from us for Valentine's.  Her very first little jewelry box.  We got Adeline one just like it on her first Valentine's Day.

And Adeline got a hi-chair/swing/carrier for her baby dolls.

All in all we had a very good Valentine's Day, but I'm exhausted and looking forward to my cozy warm bed.  Goodnight!

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