Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Past Week

It seems like I have a bunch of random pictures I need to catch up on posting.  Last weekend my mom went on a "Walk to Emmaus" and she couldn't have her phone with her for 72 hours.  My MIL was there as well as a server, so she was able to have her phone.  I sent her pictures of the girls every day so she could print them out and give them to my mom.

Saturday night we met the Davises out for hamburgers.  Annabel and Daddy enjoyed watching some basketball while we ate.

We went on a stroller ride at the park Sunday afternoon..

Annabel discovered how to suck on her toes...

Monday was a school day and a dance day.  I got this picture of Adeline at breakfast.  She's growing up so fast!

Wednesday we stayed home and played all day.  I made an indoor spider web for Adeline to practice some fine motor skills.  First she colored the bugs...

Then she rescued them from the spider's web...

That afternoon the weather was beautiful so we played with sidewalk chalk while we waited for Daddy to get home from work.

Friday afternoon I was so excited to incorporate peanut butter into Adeline's snack.  It was a big hit!

This weekend Nana & Pappy came to visit!  We ate out lots of yummy food, played outside, went to visit the ducks at a nearby pond, and shopped.  I was bad about getting pictures, though.  The only one I got was of Annabel trying out the swing for the first time.

For my birthday back in September, I got a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse gift card.  Jon and I have not had a date night since before Annabel was born.  My parents kept the girls last night so we could go out for a nice, quiet, delicious dinner.

I got these texts from my mom while we were out..

Today was bittersweet.  My parents took Adeline home with them to Texas.  My in-laws will bring her back to us on Friday, unless she gets homesick before then.  We were so sad to see her leave for such a long time, but I know we'll get lots done and maybe even catch up on some rest this week while she's gone.  I think Annabel misses her dearly already, though.  She has been quite fussy all afternoon and that's just not like her!

My mom sent me this text while they were traveling back to Texas.

We're going to miss our big girl this week, but our little girl will get lots of attention!

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