Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowls

We did attend a Super Bowl party with our connection group last night...

But the bowl getting the most attention at our house this weekend was the Potty Bowl!
This little smarty peed on her own in her potty Friday night before bath.  We rewarded her with a sucker from her potty prize box.  Then on Saturday she decided that the potty was the only place she wanted to pee!  She kept her panties and diaper dry all day.  She even pottied in the big potty at CFA that night!  Her nursery workers at church also reported that she pottied for them during church.  It's like she decided she was going to do it and there was no going back.  She still hasn't pooped in the potty, though.  :)

I love these two so much!


  1. They are adorable! I have 2 little girls too so I can relate to the "stealing your heart" thing :)
    Just stumbled on your blog. I'm following :)

  2. How exciting is the peeing in the potty!! My two year old will not go on the little potty or big potty, but he will use the one at daycare. I guess I will take that for now since we have tried everything at home and nothing is working. I assume it will be like your experience where one day he just decides he is ready!