Monday, February 13, 2012


Wow!  I can't believe it's already the middle of February!  Time seems to fly by and there's always something I should be doing, so blogging tends to take a backseat.  So here I am again, blogging about a whole week or more at a time.  Oh well.  Let's start where we left off...

This happened last week.  I had to share because it was quite hilarious.  I pulled off 1 paper towel, stepped into the living room to wipe Adeline's mouth and then I start to hear this rumbling sound.  I start to think we're having another earthquake...but no.  It was just an ENTIRE roll of paper towels unraveling to the floor!

The girls and I were invited to my old work's potluck on Wednesday.  It was Mexican-themed.  I baked cookies and took them on a Joe T's platter.  Too bad nobody there has ever eaten at the best Mexican food place in the world, so nobody appreciated my platter as much as I do.

I'm loving this little Valentine decoration my parents got me.

Now this is what I just can't get over!  I can't believe my baby is old enough to be prop-sitting already!

And my other baby thinks she is so grown up with her cool sunglasses, but she's still my baby too.  I love that she still sucks her thumb and snuggles with her Ace.

The girls got a Valentine package from their Pappy & Nana on Friday.  We opened it up and took out everything, then Jon and I put Annabel in her jumper so we could start dinner.  We heard Adeline say, "here you go, Annabel" and she had taken over both their cards, Annabel's rattle, and her view-master so they could enjoy their new toys together.  It was so sweet!

Shane, Juliet, & Murry came over for family night that evening.  A cold front was coming through and it was frigid outside!  We made yummy vegetable stew.  Annabel & Murry enjoyed hanging out together.  They even held hands a few times.

 Pretty blue-eyed Murry
 Adeline looking through her view-master..upside down :)

Aunt Juliet brought over all the supplies for making Valentine sugar cookies.  She and Adeline did that while Jon and I put Annabel to bed.  I could hear Shane & Juliet laughing hysterically at one point so I came in the kitchen to check it out.  Adeline was snatching up the cookies as soon as Juliet could cut them out and stuffing them in her mouth.  No telling how much raw cookie dough she ate!  

Then of course she had to eat some of the finished products as well!  I love that my girls will grow up with at least one aunt, uncle, & cousin nearby.  They are going to have so much fun over the years!

Saturday it was 20 degrees or less all day.  Jon got out and ran a few errands for us, but I stayed home with the girls.  We rocked for a little while and I snapped a picture of my two thumb-sucking babies.

 My first baby girl 

The big news here this week is that on Friday night Annabel decided she wanted OUT of the swaddle.  She was bucking around the crib like crazy and kept getting her face up to the bumpers.  So, we decided to free her arms.  It was tough all day on Saturday and she fought her naps because she just couldn't calm down enough to sleep without being swaddled.  But by Saturday night she got the hang of it and was sleeping peacefully.  I love a sleeping baby with their arms up over their head.  PRECIOUS!

Sunday, we went to church as usual.  We got a picture of our two girls in their matching heart dresses.

Sunday evening we went to a party to celebrate our friend Hailey turning 2!  I think both girls had a great time.

Today we woke up to snow on the ground and even more falling from the sky!

However, school wasn't closed, so we braved the weather to take Adeline to school so she could enjoy her Valentine party.  And so I could enjoy some peace & quiet with Annabel.  

Adeline screamed at me the whole way to school because I had put Ace in her backpack rather than let her hold him (because I didn't want to be trying to get him the backpack standing out in the snow in the parking lot).  So when we got to school and I asked her to stand by her table for me to take a picture, all I got was a scowl.  A teenage attitude already!

I hope she's in a better mood when she gets home!


  1. Mmm! That platter is making me want some Joe T's! It's been too long since we've been there!

    Adeline is going to love when you pull that last pic out some day to show her friends! Ha!

  2. Oh my goodness! Just came across your blog from Shannon's. I live in Fort Worth. Girl, Joe T's is my favorite! It is the best! Cute blog, and I like your bangs!