Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mini Vacation

We all had a bit of a vacation this past week.  Adeline vacationed in Texas with her grandparents, and Jon, Annabel, and I vacationed at home.  Hah!  It feels like somewhat of a vacation without a busy 2 year old around, anyway.

Adeline woke up in the middle of the night with fever the first night she was at her Nana's, so the next day they visited the doctor to get everything checked out.

The doctor couldn't find anything wrong, so we just assumed a little virus or 2 year molars.  She was fine by the next day.

She got to ride some little car at Wal-Mart when they went to get her some Tylenol.

She got to visit her great-grandparents a lot as well.  I know they all had a great time.

She got lots of snuggles with Nana...

And she got to throw rocks in Pappy's pond!

While I was toddler-free, I made my nieces some of these little shirts for Easter.  I have some to make my girls as well, but it may be a while before I get to those.

Adeline got to go watch her cousin Isaac's derby car race at RA's.

She was supposed to spend Wednesday and Thursday night with Big T & Tiny then they were going to bring her back to us this weekend, but T & Tiny both got sick, so things didn't go as planned.  My mom met us in Little Rock at Annabel's appointment on Thursday to bring Adeline back to us.

Poor Adeline was in the car nearly all day on Thursday.  She didn't mind too much though...

Thursday night we were all back home and I was a happy momma to have both my girls.  I snapped this cute picture of Annabel in the bathtub that night.  I love her and her crazy hair!

Although it was nice to be a 1-kid-family for a few days, I sure am glad to have Adeline back with us.  I love our chaotic, noisy, exhausting, but extremely fun life!

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