Monday, March 26, 2012


That's what it's been here the past few days.  Last week it rained nearly all week so we stayed indoors for a few too many days in a row.

Wednesday night we put Annabel in the big high-chair for the first time.  She liked sitting there, but still is not too crazy about solids.  She really only likes rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and peaches so far.  We're still trying, though.

And of course, Adeline had to have her picture taken as well.  She is not picky by any means and was devouring a taco salad when I took this picture.  What 2 year old eats taco salad?  Seriously?!?  

Thursday it was still a little cold and rainy so we moved our park play date with Cilla to CFA instead.  We could not get these two to sit still for a picture.

Annabel was happy as can be in her carseat the whole time.

That evening, I had taken her activity gym apart so I could wash the mat.  She decided she wanted to play with the toys even though they weren't attached to the mat.  She rolled over to them and I found her like this..

Friday night we met Shane, Juliet, and Murry out for dinner at one of our favorites, Hammontree's.  Annabel sat in a restaurant high-chair for the first time.

Afterwards, we did a bit of walking the Fayetteville trails.  It was still pretty cold outside, but at least it wasn't raining.

When we got home, we converted Adeline's crib into a toddler bed.  We sat and watched Daddy while he did all the work.

And Annabel decided to get up on all fours..still not crawling, though.

Adeline gathered up all her babies inside her bumpers.

Then she had to test out the big girl bed.

She has done great with the transition!  I am pleasantly surprised.  She rolled out a couple times Friday night, but Saturday we bought a pool noodle to put under the fitted sheet and that has solved the problem.  She stays in until she wakes up after nap or in the mornings, then she gets up and comes in our room like such a big girl.  I'm so happy!

Saturday was gorgeous so we met Shannon & Westin for a walk and some playground time at Lake Fayetteville.

We spent nearly the whole rest of the day out in the backyard.  The girls tried out their new chairs in their playhouse.

And we bought and assembled patio furniture since we can now enjoy our dog-free backyard.  We have eaten out there the last several meals.  It's so nice!

At one point in the middle of the night Saturday I saw Adeline like this.  Haha!

Sunday we went to church and the girls wore their pretty little Noah's ark dresses in honor of all the rain we'd had the past week.  Thank you, Tater Tot!

When I nursed Annabel at church, she passed out in a milk coma since she'd missed her morning nap.  I love a sweet sleeping baby face and the little bit of milk drool just adds to the cuteness, if you ask me!

She fell asleep again on the way home from church with her toy in her hand..sleepy girl!

The Davises came and ate lunch with us out on the patio while the kids played, then the girls napped.  When Adeline got up, she helped her Daddy wash his truck.

She quickly grew tired of that and decided to jump on the trampoline.

And play in the mud...

And the water hose...

And wash her tricycle...

We had such a great weekend enjoying the fantastic spring weather God blessed us with.  We're looking forward to a whole week of it this week!  

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