Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sunny Days

Wow!  The weather here has been gorgeous this past couple days.  I was just telling Jon last week that I always miss Texas in March because we're usually still in the dead of winter and all my Texas friends are enjoying flip-flops and sunshine.  I guess the good Lord heard me and decided to bless me with a little bit of the Texas climate this week!

Annabel is trying her best to crawl these days.  She hasn't pulled her knees up under her yet, but she can push way up on her arms and scoot/roll everywhere.

All that moving wore her out and she passed out in her Daddy's lap Sunday night.

Monday night we took a stroller ride.  It was still a bit cool then, so I covered her up in the blanket.  By the time we made it back home, she had kicked those legs free.  She's watching her sister jump on the trampoline in this picture.

Tuesday morning we met Shannon & Westin at the park.  They played all morning and then we had a picnic lunch.  It's really hard to get pictures when you're chasing a toddler & holding a baby.  This is the best I could do..

Today I had every intention of going to MOPS, but since the time change Annabel has decided she wants to wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning rather than 5:00, so I went back to sleep after our little fiasco last night and didn't get up in time to get out the door for MOPS.  While I was eating breakfast, Annabel managed to get from lying on her back under her play gym to about 4 feet away from her gym and on her stomach!  We're going to have a crawler before too much longer.  I don't know if I'm ready for that!

When I finally got showered, we decided to meet some friends at the library for Toddler Story Time then we had another picnic lunch at the park and played for a while with Payton, Parker, and Kellen.  I didn't even try to get any pictures of that.  

And speaking of Texas, tomorrow I'm flying with the girls by myself to Ft. Worth.  I'm so super excited to see family and friends, but I'm dreading the travel part of it!  Please say a prayer for well-behaved, happy children and safe travels (most importantly!).  

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