Monday, May 21, 2012

All We Have is Fun

My devotional yesterday was about not complaining.  It said, "Complaining, grumbling words carry destructive power.  They destroy the joy of the one doing the complaining and can also affect other people who have to listen to them.  When we complain about our current situation, we remain in it; when we praise God in the midst of difficulty, He raises us out of it.  Truly thankful people do not complain."

Nobody's life is perfect, but I try to focus on all the good in my life.  When I do that, it makes me a happier person and sometimes I can trick myself into thinking my life is perfect!  :)  So, on that note, all we have is fun around here.  To God be the glory!  And with lots of fun, comes lots of pictures so prepare yourself....

I got this James Avery Texas necklace from my parents for Mother's Day.  I've been wearing it the past week and I've hardly gotten any comments on it.  I figured it would stir up many conversations with strangers, but apparently not.

Speaking of Mother's Day, we spent that afternoon at a park near our house.  I love this sweet, happy face!

Monday morning Annabel was peeking through the slats on her crib while I was changing Adeline's diaper.  I think this may be one of my favorite photos of her.

And my other blue-eyed baby at breakfast that morning before school.  See the oatmeal between her eyes?

And they both cooked Mommy some breakfast.  

During our grocery run, poor little Annabel bumped her face on the shopping cart.  I hate it when my babies get "owies."

Tuesday we met Shannon, Westin, & Reagan at the library for toddler time.  They made "hot air balloons" and my child thought it was funny to hold the balloon in front of her face when I tried to take a picture.

Annabel has started paying a lot more attention to Tulip lately.  Poor Tulip!

Wednesday was a stay-at-home day.  I was so impressed with Adeline's coloring skills.  I had no idea she would do this well staying in the lines!

This is my failed attempt at getting her to sit on the toilet long enough to go #2.  She sat there, but no #2.

Thursday we met the Davises at the park for a picnic lunch.

We spent some time out in the yard that night.  Adeline was not in to her bike.  It was all I could do to get her to stay there long enough for a picture.

My hydrangeas are starting to bloom!  Jon told me not to share his secret, but we're not going for some hydrangea medal or anything, so here goes.  He hides this 5 gallon bucket behind them.  It has little holes in the bottom of it.  He fills it with water 2-3 times a week so the flowers get a slow, steady trickle of water.

Friday was another stay-at-home day.  It was nice and warm out, so Adeline did some swimming while Annabel napped that morning.  We splurged a whole $35 this year and got the pool with the slide.  Great investment!  She slid down that thing probably 50 times that morning.

Friday night we went out for dinner and a yummy cupcake at Bliss afterwards.

I worked Saturday at a rehab hospital for a few hours.  Jon had the girls all by himself.  He was worn out when I got home!  We did a bit more swimming that afternoon.

This was Annabel's first "swimming" experience.  She didn't really know what to think about it, but she wasn't scared.

Saturday evening we went to a wedding!  I used to work with Adam at HealthSouth.  We really had a great time.  It was a beautiful wedding.  Short, sweet, and outside...perfect for two babies to attend!

Adam & Alex

I got to see some girls I used to work with too.  We had such a great time catching up!

Adeline found one of the flower girl's petals.

Jon & Annabel, with a little bit of our friend, Will Simpson in the shot.

Sunday was church, then that afternoon we went down to Fayetteville for the Block Street Block Party.  Uncle Shane's band was playing, so we couldn't miss!

Uncle Shane plays the stand-up bass.

Me with my sweet niece, Murry.

Daddy being silly with his girls.

We found a booth with homemade toys.  Annabel & Murry got little wooden teethers and Adeline picked out a horse.

And now we've made it to today.  Adeline has it made.  Almost every morning she spends the first 30 minutes after waking up lying in our bed, drinking her OJ, and watching Mickey Mouse.  

Annabel was trying her best to stand up at her activity table this morning.

Then we took Adeline to her last day of KDO for the year.  They had a big party.  We are going to miss her two sweet teachers!
Adeline with Ms. Cari

And Ms. Laura

All her friends!

This is how Annabel & Mommy feel about no more school until September.  Haha..just kidding!  Annabel was not happy about missing her morning nap and running errands instead.  Cutting 3 teeth isn't helping matters, either.

Stick around for all the fun we have in store for this week!

"Stop grumbling among yourselves," Jesus answered.  
John 6:43


  1. Great devo about grumbling! I feel like I need to work on that! I have done lots of it lately! The girls are so precious! Love their blue outfits! That makes me want another little girl to dress like her big sis:) I love Cari! She is precious and I know Adeline had a great year in her class! Sounds like you guys have had lots of fun lately! Let's hang out soon now that school is out!

  2. Aww! Makes a Texan's heart happy seeing you represent the Lone Star State like that!

    I love the words of your devotional. It is especially true that complaining affects the hearers as well. While it affects adults too, it is very true with little ears around.

    Have lots more fun this week!