Monday, May 14, 2012

Busy Bodies

We had a very busy, fun-filled week last week.  Monday was the usual KDO day for Adeline, therefore grocery shopping day for Annabel and me.  Annabel really started crawling a lot over the weekend we were in Petit Jean.  Monday afternoon she took off toward the TV cabinet.  She tried to reach up to open the door that houses the videos.  Since she was only holding herself up with one hand and leaning forward, she fell and got her first goose-egg.  When our babies get mobile it's so exciting, but we forget that with mobility, comes injuries.  :(

Adeline got a fun package from her Ginga (great-grandmother).  She'd heard that Adeline loves to chase butterflies so she sent her a net, binoculars, magnifying glass, and a light.  Adeline has had so much fun with them!

Monday night we moved Annabel's crib into Adeline's room where we had intended it to be all along..hah!  So now, it is "the girls'" room instead of Adeline's.  I really felt like they were ready to be together because they usually sleep at all the same times anyway, except for Annabel's morning nap.  They have done remarkably well!  Monday night when we moved the crib, we put Annabel in there while we were getting things ready for bed.  Jon said, "Do you think I need to go ahead and lower the mattress?"  I said, "No, she hasn't pulled to stand in there yet.  In fact, I haven't even seen her be able to get to sitting with her sleep sack on."  Well, the next morning she made a liar out of me!  She pulled up to her knees as soon as she woke up.  I guess having the motivation of seeing her sister was all it took.  Jon lowered the mattress that night.

Since they're now going to bed at the same time, we decided to start bathing them together as well.  This makes it easier on us, and they love it!

Thursday we went to eat lunch with some friends to celebrate our friend Stacy's birthday.  When I got Adeline dressed I asked her what color bow she thought she needed.  She looked down at her clothes and said, "orange!"  It made me so proud!  I wanted to document her first fashion experience.

We worked some puzzles while Annabel napped.  Her attention span is really starting to increase.  When Aunty Am gave us this puzzle at Christmas, Adeline would put about 5-10 letters in before getting tired of it.  Now she will sit and do the whole thing!

Our friends at lunch.

When we got home from lunch, Annabel was nursing before nap and started crying and broke out in a sweat.  I immediately assumed teething because she'd been showing all the signs lately.  I put my finger in her mouth to feel around, and yep, there it was!  The top tooth next to the front one on the right.  It looks like all 4 top front teeth are trying to come in right now.  Poor baby!

Thursday night Adeline thought it would be fun to decorate her daddy with stickers.  I love this picture.  It makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Friday we had play group.  We met up at a park and had a picnic lunch and played.  I love this time with friends every month.

Adeline sliding with Payton & Parker.

Hunter was so sweet with Annabel.  He is going to be a great big brother!

Friday afternoon my parents came to town to celebrate Mother's Day with us.  Nana always brings her "Nana bag" with goodies for the girls inside.  This time, one of the goodies was bubble bath.  They both thought it was the best thing ever.  Adeline has been asking for bubbles every night since.

Saturday morning we headed down to Fayetteville to the Farmer's Market.  Annabel fell asleep on the way there.  I was sitting in the backseat between the girls, so I had to snap a picture.  I love the serenity of a sleeping baby.

The Fayetteville square has such pretty flowers!  We met all of Jon's family (minus Emil), but I didn't get any pictures of them.

Adeline with Nana & Pappy

Annabel loves this carrier and never makes a peep while she's in it.

Saturday night we had my parents, Jon's parents, Shane, Juliet, Murry, and Kiersten all over to our house for dinner.  It was such a fun time visiting and cooking and eating that I forgot to get any pictures!  

I love spending time with family and friends.  I'm so blessed to have that much love in my life!

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