Monday, May 28, 2012

Texas Visit

The girls and I went to Texas for a few days last week.  The original plan was for the girls and I to go down on Wednesday and then Jon was going to come when he got off work on Friday.  However, we decided not to have two vehicles down there and Jon had some things he needed to do around the house, anyway.  So, early Wednesday morning, the girls and I hit the road.  I was cursed with a lead foot from my father and as much as I try to overcome this genetic disorder, I haven't found a cure.  I got a speeding ticket just south of Ft. Smith.  If that doesn't put a damper on a trip, I don't know what does.  As if that wasn't enough of a downer, we stopped in Y City for a picnic lunch and Tulip pulled Adeline off the bench flat on to her face onto a big block of concrete.  I think I was still shaking 2.5 hours later when we finally made it to my in-laws'.  

Wednesday we spent the afternoon/evening at Big T & Tiny's house.  We had fresh grilled vegetables from their garden for dinner and got to look at all the baby birds in Big T's bird houses afterwards, but I was so exhausted from our trip that I didn't take any pictures.  Wednesday night Annabel started coming down with a cold and that combined with teething and being in a strange place made for a very long, sleepless night.  

Thursday we spent the day playing in the yard.  

And Nana found Adeline a turtle.  She chased it all over the yard for about 30 minutes, then we decided to let it go find its Mommy.

Thursday night we all went out to eat with my parents.  When we got home I ran to Wal-Mart to stock up on teething arsenal for Annabel.  I did not want another sleepless night.  When I got back I found Big T & Adeline cuddled up like this playing games on Tiny's phone.

Thursday night was a lot better and we all slept in the next morning.  Friday I went to lunch with my grandmother and my cousin's new wife, Kim.  We lunched and did a little bit of shopping.  We had so much fun together!  

Friday evening it was time to switch houses and stay with my parents.  We took the girls swimming at my grandmother's house and got pizza for dinner.

My cousin, Amanda, and her little boy, Isaac came to swim too.  Adeline thought Isaac was hilarious.

Saturday, Adeline and I woke up with whatever it was that Annabel had had on Thursday.  Boo!  We weren't going to let that keep us from having fun, though.  We went to visit my aunt Denise to see her pet deer and horses.  My cousin rescued this deer as an infant last year.  It now thinks it's a dog and sleeps in the house!

We'd had plans to go to a wedding Saturday night, but since we all felt bad, my parents went without us and I took the girls over to my other grandmother's house for dinner.  I had so much fun visiting with aunts and cousins, but I failed, once again, to get any pictures.  

Sunday we went to my hometown church.

You will be seeing these dresses again in July.  :)  After church my mom made a delicious lunch then we hit the  road back home.  I drove the speed limit the whole way, but it just about killed me.  We had such a great time visiting everyone, but we are also glad to be back home with Jon!

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