Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

So both girls were supposed to start their Kids Day Out program at our church today, but it ended up only being Annabel.  We'll get to that later.  But first, check out this cutie on her first day of school.

She went right to her teacher this morning with no hesitation, which I was so glad of.  Her teachers said she did great.  She wouldn't nap, but she ate all her lunch and even tried to eat the other kids' lunch that they dropped on the floor.  Hah!  That's my good-eating-Richey girl!  She was very happy to see me, but I could see no signs of tears.  I think she enjoyed it!

I made these little treats for the girls' teachers.  It's a cream cheese caramel dip with a golden delicious apple on top.  Of course, I found them on Pinterest.  Here's the link: Teacher Treat  The only difference is that I had to make my own caramel because I couldn't find the pre-packaged dip the recipe suggests.  

So anyway, my first day of KDO was not how I'd envisioned it.  Adeline has run a low fever off & on all weekend, but I wasn't thinking much of it since we'd all had colds & Annabel had been diagnosed with an ear infection on Friday.  The doctor checked Adeline's ears at that appointment, but they were fine and she hadn't developed a fever at that point.  Then yesterday afternoon her fever really spiked and I started to worry.  I thought maybe the pneumonia was rearing its ugly head again.  Adeline I spent the whole time Annabel was at KDO going to the pediatrician, then to get chest x-rays, then to get blood drawn.  The result being that she does NOT have pneumonia (thank you, Jesus), but her blood-work did show she has some sort of bacterial infection.  The pediatrician had said her tonsils looked terrible.  So she's been prescribed a month's worth of antibiotics.  Please pray this returns to me my once very healthy little girl!

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