Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The End of Summer

It has cooled off a lot here lately.  At first I thought it was just a fluke thing, but then cold front after cold front kept coming through and it's almost like summer is over already.  I'm not complaining though.  My favorite month is coming up in just four days!  Technically Fall doesn't begin until later in September, but I count the 1st as the beginning of Fall.  :)  So anyway, this is how we've wound down our summer the past week...

Annabel woke up from her nap one day with these big giant curls on top of her head.  So cute!

 We got Annabel to take a few steps the other day.  She's starting to stand independently more often.  She can't get to this position without pulling up on something or without us setting her down on her feet, but she's becoming more and more confident.

I know she looks like such a ragamuffin here, but Jon sent me this picture while I was at bunco the other night.  She climbed up here all on her own.  Scary!

She loves getting into these cups on the floor of our pantry.  We have to close the door every time we get something or she's pulling out cups left and right.

This little one had to get on the dining table the other day to investigate a package we'd gotten in the mail.  I can't turn my back for a second!

I've got climbers on my hands!

We had pancakes Saturday morning.  We gave Annabel a whole one after she'd eaten about 2 cut up in small bites.  She was excited about it!

We spent Saturday evening making a skirt for Adeline to wear to church the next day.  Yes, I went to JoAnn's and bought fabric & elastic and turned it into a skirt!  I'm still in shock over it.  It is by no means perfect, and does look homemade, but nevertheless, it's cute.

Caught them wrestling.  They were both laughing.

Sunday was our Fall kick-off party at church.  Everyone is supposed to support their favorite team.  I think we were the only TCU fans there.  Oh well!  They brought Adeline to us during church saying she didn't feel well, but we stayed for lunch anyway.  She had untucked her shirt by that point.

It rained nearly all afternoon & night on Sunday.  That evening we sat out on the porch and watched it rain for a while.  Unlike her mother, humidity is Adeline's friend.  Look at those pretty curls!

Annabel's hair resembles mine a little bit more.

We are so thankful for the rain.  Our region is one of the worst in the nation as far as the drought goes.  We were so happy to get 4.25 inches on Sunday!

Last night I was nursing Annabel and Jon laughed and said, "She looks so big to still be nursing."  I got him to take a picture so I could see.  She does look big!  We are very pro-breast-feeding at our house, and I will miss these sweet cuddling moments, but I'm also ready to get her weaned.  She loves cow's milk and is eating as much food as Adeline, so I don't really think she needs the breast milk anymore.  We're on the road to be weaned by mid-October!

We plan on finishing out the week getting well.  Please pray for healing at our house!  Then this weekend is an exciting treat!  Jon and I will celebrate our 5th anniversary on Saturday with a relaxing trip to a cabin in the woods in Eureka Springs.  My parents are coming to keep the girls, then they will bring them to us on Sunday and we'll spend the last night all together as a family.  I'm looking forward to it!


  1. enjoy those last few weeks breastfeeding. i wasn't ready to stop with jovie, but when i found out i was pregnant with #3 I felt like I needed a little break before I will be back at it again. your girls are getting so big. i love seeing their cute curls.

  2. I breastfed for 12 1/2 months and I loved it but I was SO ready to be done at the end. She wouldn't take a bottle at all so it was a long year but totally worth it!