Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Richey Ramblings

So here we go again with another super long post with lots of pictures & random happenings/things that Adeline has said lately..

The other day we took Tulip to the vet for her yearly check-up.  The vet walked in & said hello, Adeline responded with, "Hi!  Jesus loves me!"  The vet laughed and said, "Yes, yes He does love you.  That's awesome."  Adeline said, "Yes that IS awesome!"  I hope she never forgets how much Jesus loves her.

We've started letting Annabel just crawl around outside and she loves it.  She doesn't mind the grass or dirt and just plays and tries to do everything Adeline does.  She's filthy when we go in, but she has fun, so it's totally worth it.

Adeline got this tattoo at the baseball game the other night.  It stayed on forever.  One day we went to the post office and she had on her crown, her wand, and this tattoo.  It was so tacky, yet so funny.  I had to take a pic for her Aunt Ashley to show her all the things she's going to let Preston do that we used to say we'd never allow.

Annabel fell asleep sitting up the other day.  I texted this pic to Jon and he replied, "Aren't you going to go lay her down?"  No way!  Why would I risk waking her up?

We met some friends at Boingo Bounce the other day.  Yet again, Annabel thought she was just as big as Adeline and insisted on getting in the little bounce house with her.

We went to visit an elderly lady on our church's shut-in list last week.  Adeline made her a card before we went.

All ready to go visit.  She has her purse full of toys for her & "Sister."

Sometimes I guess Adeline starts to feel left-out and tries to be like Annabel.  She starts mocking the baby sounds Annabel makes, crawls around, and sometimes asks to sit in Annabel's high-chair.  Annabel didn't quite understand why big sister was in her seat.

We went swimming at our friend Hunter's house one day & Adeline wore her hair french-braided.  This is what it looked like when I took it down that night.  So cute!  Adeline did so well in the pool.  I sat on the top step holding Annabel and Adeline wore her life jacket and swam all over the pool.  She'd even get in & out by herself.  I'm glad she likes the water.

This face always makes her daddy laugh, so she does it often.

Tater Tot sent her some princess pjs.  She wants to wear them every night.

On the princess note, Adeline is obsessed.  We don't even watch princess movies.  I guess it's just born in to girls.  The other day I put on a skirt and she flipped out.  "Oh Mommy!  You so pretty in you cute little skirt!  You wear that today, Mommy.  Please don't take it off!"  So if you see how she acts about me wearing a skirt/dress, you can imagine what it's like for her to wear a dress.  I have to beg her to put on shorts, so about 90% of the time, she's in a dress.

We went to visit Shane, Juliet, and Murry on Saturday.  The girls had so much fun playing together and getting out every single toy in the house.

Adeline loves to listen to her Uncle Shane play the ukulele.  He even showed her how to play.  We are so blessed to have such great relatives.

Got a quick shot of Annabel standing up.  She's doing this more & more lately.  She can stand just barely holding on to something forever, and has even started standing without holding on to anything.  Jon got her to take 3-4 steps a couple times yesterday.  She'll be walking before we know it!

This is her silly goose face before going in to church Sunday morning.

And this is after church.  The nursery wears her out!  My mom said all of a sudden her cheeks look chubby.  I would have to agree.  She feels a lot heavier too.  I think she's going through a major growth spurt.  We can't seem to give her enough food.  Last night she ate more than Adeline did at supper.

She loves playing in the play house!

Yesterday every time I'd step out of the room she'd get hurt.  I'm not sure if it was her or her sister causing all the trouble.

And today is Aunt Juliet's birthday.  We made her a play-doh cake this morning & sent her a picture.

Potty training has brought out the worst in us all.  Adeline does great with peeing, but has a hard time with the pooping.  She started doing the whole "withholding poop" thing that the pediatrician assured me is common.  This in turn makes her constipated, which makes it hurt when it finally does come out, which makes her scared to poop the next time.  It's a vicious cycle.  And I have a very hard-headed, stubborn child.  Some would say I'm paying for my raising.  It has left us both in tears multiple times and me feeling like a terrible mother.  I've lost my temper and screamed more than I would like to admit, but I put it on here to offer encouragement.  It has started getting better.  She is no longer scared to go in the potty, but she's still having a few accidents.  I think it's hard for her to tell when it's time until it's almost too late.  So I try to watch for all the signs and get her to the potty in time.  We pray every morning for a good day and for Jesus to help Adeline go poo-poo in the potty.  Then when she does go, we pray and thank Jesus for helping us.  Then when she refuses to go and I lose my temper, we pray and ask for forgiveness for our ugly behavior.  

I want so desperately to be a mom who never screams or loses my temper.  I pray for it all throughout the day, every day, and not just about pottying.  I'm doing much better, but not because of myself.  I couldn't do it without God.  That's what's so wonderful about the beautiful saving grace of Jesus.  We can't always be good and do what's right, but we can always ask for forgiveness and for help to do better next time.  I try to stress that to Adeline.  I think it's such an important concept for kids to understand that we can NOT be good.  Nobody is good all the time.  It's impossible.  But the good news is, we have Jesus, who IS good all the time and who covers our sins.  


  1. Hey linndsey
    Love your blog... My daughter Reagan is about a month older than Adeline so I am there with you on the potty training! When we started we had the same issue of pooping, with holding etc. I finally bought a bottle of meralax to put in her milk. I did not use the full does I think it was more like a1/3 of it. I just wanted to soften it so it would not hurt. And it was great I think I used it 2x's over a 2 week period and success happened. Now she is a proud owner of a bracelet she tells everyone she got from pooping on the potty!! Not sure if u want to try some thing like that but just thought I would let u know. You are not alone.!!
    Have a great one and good luck!

  2. Thanks, Julia! I have tried Miralax and it does help. I just don't want to give it all the time. Thanks again for the advice. I do think it's getting better!