Monday, September 17, 2012

Sick Summer - Prayer Requests

Those of you that follow closely know that we've been battling a lot of illness with Adeline at our house this summer.  I want to document it all on here for my records.  If you just want to see the prayer requests, you can skip all the history and go to the bottom for those.

June 8

  • Fever - went to the doctor
  • Rapid strep test negative, but doctor thought it looked like strep so she prescribed an antibiotic.
  • Fever lasted June 8-10
  • After the weekend, doctor called to report that the other strep test was also negative.
    • We discontinued antibiotics because it was causing upset stomach
June 19
  • Fever
  • Tested for strep, mono, urinary tract infection - all negative
  • Blood work showed infection somewhere in body with 15,000 WBC
  • Given omnicef antibiotics for 10 days
  • Had blisters all in mouth & throat.
  • Fever lasted June 19-23
July 16
  • Fever
  • Coughing since early July
  • Doctor sent her for blood work & chest x-rays
    • Chest x-ray positive for pneumonia
  • Given suprax antibiotics for 10 days
  • Blood work showed infection somewhere in body with 10,000 WBC
  • Fever lasted July 16-20
August 27
  • Fever
  • Strep test negative
  • Doctor sent for blood work & chest x-rays
    • Chest x-rays negative
    • Blood work showed bacterial infection in blood stream with 20,000 WBC
    • The doctor called it bacteremia caused by a bacteria that entered her bloodstream through her mouth
  • Doctor prescribed suprax antibiotics to be taken once a day for a month
    • Doctor also administered one Rocephin antibiotic shot in thigh
  • Fever lasted Aug 27-30
September 17
  • Woke up feeling great, got a call from KDO at 1pm reporting fever of 101
  • Fever got as high as 103.3 at doctor's office
  • Tested for strep, UTI, flu, pneumonia - all negative
  • More blood drawn - no results yet
  • Sent home with stool-collecting kit
  • Given another shot of Recephin
The doctor today told us that he is gong to cover all bases & will send all history & results to infectious disease doctors in Little Rock in hopes of some explanation.  He said that normally he would just say it's been a lot of bad luck, but that this is pretty dramatic for her to have this many instances of high fever in such a short period of time.  Especially since she was healthy and very rarely sick at all before this summer.  

Prayer Requests
  • That Adeline's fever will go down &  her appetite will go back up.
  • That we get good results from blood work tomorrow - no bacteria in blood stream.
  • That we can find answers to what is causing this and that it will be a quick & easy fix.  

This was taken this morning when she was still a happy, healthy little girl.  I want to see this face again soon!


  1. Lindsey, I will be keeping sweet Adeline in my prayers! I pray you will find answers soon and your sweet girl can get back to feeling better!

    I will also pray for strength for you and Jon since it is always such a helpless feeling when your baby is sick and there is not much you can do:(

  2. I'm sorry y'all are going through this and will be praying for Adeline!