Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Texas Trip

Last week Jon went to Pennsylvania for work, so the girls and I went to Texas.  We were so busy and got to see lots of friends and family while we were there.

I picked up the girls early from school, then we hit the road.  It was not a fun drive!  I was sure that they'd both take a good, long nap in the car, but boy was I wrong.  Annabel slept maybe 45 minutes, then cried from about Waldron to DeQueen (the majority of the trip).  By the time we made it to Tiny & Big T's house, my body was one solid knot.  That night my MIL had a delicious meal cooked for us and invited my parents over as well.  I went to bed not long after the girls did!

Karen and I took the girls out to my parents' office to visit them, then we all went out for lunch.  My dad took the girls for a ride on the Sky Track.

That night one of my grandmother's cooked dinner and we went over there.  We took a walk around the block after dinner and this is how the girls "walked."  Aren't they spoiled?

My other grandmother took my mom, my aunt Denise, my cousin Janie, my cousin's wife Kim, and me out to eat lunch and do some shopping.  We had so much fun!  The girls stayed with Karen and grandma Cheryl (Karen's friend).  That night Karen fixed another delicious meal and the girls played outside all evening with their Big T.

Look at those curls!

It was such a nice night for swinging.  I have a bad look on my face, but I still love this picture.

Their feet never touch the ground when they're with their grandparents!

We moved all our stuff over to my parents' house to spend the rest of the week with them.  Annabel started running a fever after her morning nap and was fussy and snotty all the rest of the day.  That afternoon, MiMi & Pops came over to visit the girls for a little bit.  As soon as my grandpa got out of the car, Annabel dove straight for him.  It was hilarious!

That night Tater Tot, Straw-Barry, & Conley came over for yummy chicken spaghetti my mom cooked.  After dinner, we played outside for a while.

My dad took the girls for a ride in his Bronco. You can see how pitiful little Annabel looks. Her poor eyes!

Adeline played dress-up with all the road construction gear in the back of my dad's truck.

I got some hilarious videos of Tater Tot, Nana, & Adeline playing "follow the leader" and running through the sprinklers.  It's too difficult to post them on here, though.  

Thursday was so stressful for me because Annabel felt so bad and we were supposed to be leaving for Fort Worth the next morning.  I tried to get her in to a doctor, but nobody could see her and I just didn't know what to do.  I prayed and prayed and the next morning she woke up without a fever, so we loaded up the car and headed to DFW.

We decided to go ahead and turn Annabel's carseat around facing forward.  We thought she'd be so much happier when she could see us better and watch the TV.  I think she likes it!

We drove straight from New Boston to Northpark Mall in Dallas where we met Aunt KiKi for lunch and shopping.  My parents had given me my birthday present early, a new Bob double jogging stroller! It was so nice to have at the mall.  The girls loved it and were so happy and well-behaved the whole time we shopped.  I'm so mad at myself for not getting any pictures of the girls with Kiersten.  Adeline is so excited about the baby in Aunt KiKi's tummy!  

We left the mall and headed to Fort Worth.  That's when things took a turn for the worse.  Adeline fell asleep immediately, but Annabel did not.  We were unaware that her fever was spiking again and she screamed and fussed the whole time we were stuck in traffic slowly inching our way to Fort Worth.  After about 20 minutes, it woke Adeline up who also decided to scream the rest of the way.  Talk about a nightmare!  Anyway, we finally made it to our hotel and I quickly went out for Rosa's to-go.  We ate, then all went to bed.  

No more fever for Annabel!  We were thinking it was just her molars because her two bottom molars are just barely poking through.  Anyway, we did a bit more shopping in Fort Worth that morning, then I went over to Brie's to help set-up for Aunt Ashley's baby shower.  

It was so cute!

Ashley & Peter will be welcoming Preston James in early December!

Ashley with her hostesses.

I had planned on going to the shower without the girls, but Ashley begged me to bring them.  I think they did really well for it being right at nap-time and after all the traveling. 

Playing in Baby Bradley's play room...

Ashley had some helpers opening her gifts.

We had such a great time in Texas!  I'm so glad I was able to spend a whole week with our families and go to Fort Worth to help with Ashley's shower.  We've got a lot of love in our lives!  

Speaking of love, I was loving this sight for the majority of the trip back to Arkansas on Sunday...


  1. My husband is from Texarkana. I know where New Boston is!

    I laughed at your comment on my birthday post because it is true. We would be great friends! Would you believe that I actually have had one of your girls' names at the top of my favorite baby names for years! :) Great minds!

    I am so sorry to hear your sweet Adeline has been so sick. I will be praying for a fast diagnosis and healing.

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