Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Festivities

It's not that I particularly love Halloween, I just love all holidays and I try to make the most of them.  Holidays are even more fun when kids are involved.  I try to pack as much into them as possible..hah!

On Monday, the girls had their fall parties at KDO.  Most of the kids wore their costumes, but I had these cute little dresses that I felt they'd be more comfortable in all day.  As you can see, Annabel has found her "Ace."  She's not quite as attached as Adeline is yet, but I fear the day is coming.  She sleeps with this soft lovey every night.  She wouldn't let go of it for pictures that morning.

Monday night we carved our family pumpkin.  I asked Adeline if she wanted a scary pumpkin or a happy pumpkin, just certain she'd chose a happy one.  Boy, was I wrong.  She absolutely insisted on a scary one.

Annabel kept trying to eat the pumpkin seeds.

The drawing & tedious work was left to Mommy.

The muscle was left to Daddy.

When we first turned out the lights, Annabel cried.  I'm not sure if she was scared of the scary pumpkin, or the just the dark.  Adeline was delighted, though.

Tuesday morning some of our play group met to pass out treats at a local nursing home.  We dressed our kids up in their costumes and paraded them around.  I think it is such a good experience for all of us.

Something about a small child just makes everyone smile.  The residents just light up whenever we come visit.

Last night I put the girls in matching Halloween pjs and snapped a picture.  I tried to get one in the dark because their pjs glowed, but the picture wouldn't turn out.  I thought this one was cute though, because they look kind of orange.  :)

And today is finally Halloween!  

We went to a local bakery this morning to order Adeline's birthday cake and I'm so glad we went in person instead of ordering over the phone.  They had all these adorable Halloween treats that we just couldn't live without. 

After lunch I took the girls to get flu shots and poor little Annabel passed out in the car holding her little jack-o-lantern the nurse gave her.

After dinner we enjoyed some our sweet treats from the bakery.

Then it was time to don our costumes and get ready for some trick-or-treating!

Our little princess & unicorn!

I found these cute glo-stick wands in the dollar bin at Target.  Perfect for tonight!  

Annabel was just fascinated with watching everyone else.  Adeline was pretty shy at first, but I was at least able to get her to say thank you.  Once she warmed up a bit, she got a little more talkative.  One couple asked if she was a princess for Halloween.  She shouted, "No!  I'm a spider!"  Where does she come up with this stuff?

Then we came back home and got all hyped up on sugar & passed out candy to other trick-or-treaters.

And we ended the night with a glo-stick party in the bathtub.

Happy Halloween, everyone!  I hope yours was as sweet as mine.

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