Monday, October 8, 2012

TCU Football

We almost didn't get to go see my alma mater play football this past weekend.  Annabel ran a slight fever all last week, and I just thought it was teeth.  However, Thursday night her fever started to creep higher & higher & then her heart started racing.  We called some neighbors to come stay with Adeline, and Jon and I took Annabel to the ER.  By the time we got there her heart rate had slowed to almost normal, but her temperature was 104.5.  They ran all sorts of tests and couldn't find anything wrong.  They told me that fevers make all kids' heart rates increase but that we did the right thing by bringing her in since she does have the WPW heart condition.  They gave her a shot of antibiotics in each thigh and sent us home with some oral antibiotics.  I was impressed with how quickly we were in and out of there (not more than an hour or so).  We kept a close eye on her & got up throughout the night to give her meds for her fever, and when she woke up Friday morning she was in a good mood so we decided to go ahead and get on the road to Fort Worth.

It took us about 7 hours to get there since we had to stop several times for potty breaks and then we went through Dallas right at rush hour, but I was happy as could be because both girls were perfect angels the entire trip.  They never fussed or anything.  It was nothing short of a miracle! We got to Ashley & Peter's house just in time for dinner and we grilled some burgers with some friends.  What a fun night!
This was a welcome sight during the drive.

By Friday night Annabel was completely fever-free and feeling great.  Saturday morning we waited patiently for Nana & Happy to arrive so we could head to the stadium.


Adeline was a bit grouchy and did not want to leave the box, so she stayed put with Daddy, while the rest of us took a tour of the new stadium.

Posing with the Frog Horn

My aunt & uncle are huge supporters of TCU football.  They have a bronze of themselves at the new stadium.  Here's my aunt posing with hers.  :)

She took me inside their new Founder's Box & I ran into the chancellor!  He was so sweet to pose for a picture with me.

Back at the other box, we had lots of fun visitors.

Super Frog & a cheerleader came by.  Adeline was enamored!

She let her hold a pom pom!

Then we had a silver medalist from this year's Olympics come visit.  His name is Darvis Patton & he ran the 4X100 relay.  He graduated from TCU in 2001.

But the best part of all was just getting to watch TCU football and hang out with family.

On Sunday, we ate breakfast then headed home.  The ride home wasn't as long because we didn't get into any traffic, and the girls were almost as perfect as they were on the way there.

What a great time had by all!


  1. Where did you get the necklace you're wearing at the game? I love that!

    1. Jon got it for me for my birthday from Etsy

  2. You 3 girls look so cute in your purple! I e-mailed my mom a link to the A&M version of your girls' dresses the day after we found out we were having an Annabelle.

    Girl clothes have me in overdrive!