Monday, October 29, 2012

October in Texas

We spent last week in Texas.  Jon's family had their annual squirrel camp, and I had my 10 year class reunion the weekend after the campout, so we just decided to spend the whole week in Texas to attend all the festivities.

We started off the fun by my mom coming into town on Wednesday night, the 17th.  We got up bright and early Thursday morning to attend the craft fairs at War Eagle and various other outdoor sites in NWA.  Our sweet Kalee came and kept the girls.  I got several sweet picture texts throughout the day.

This is the beautiful view crossing the bridge at War Eagle.  What a beautiful day for shopping!

Then on Friday morning, Jon and the girls started down the road to Texas while my  mom and I stayed behind to do more craft fair shopping.  Jon sent me this picture with the caption, "flirting with everyone in Wendy's."

Then on Saturday morning my mom and I headed to Texas, too.  That night, Tiny and I took the girls out to squirrel camp for dinner.

Annabel was crazy about the fried pies and wouldn't hardly let her grandparents eat any.

Adeline enjoyed the cookies.

We went to our hometown church on Sunday and spent the rest of the day relaxing.  Then on Monday night, we went back out to squirrel camp for fried fish.  Jon's childhood friend Matt is serving in Afghanistan, but his wife and their two kids joined us out at squirrel camp that night.  Adeline loved hanging out with Abigail.

And Annabel & Ethan enjoyed playing in the dirt as well.

Tuesday, we switched over to staying with my parents.  We went out to their office for a visit that morning.

At Nana & Happy's house the girls got out all the Easter eggs.

That night we had pizza at my grandmother's house.  Annabel tried on my sunglasses.

Wednesday I went to visit my sweet baby Cannon.  He is my cousins' Braden & Kim's new baby.  I got to hold him for an hour and a half!  I loved every second.

My aunt Nadine gave her daughter's old battery-powered 4-wheeler to my parents to keep at their house for when their grandkids came to visit.  The girls loved riding it all over their yard.

One gassing, one steering. 

Thursday we went for another visit at my parents' office.  Annabel really took off walking while we were in Texas.  I think she's going to be a full-time walker by the end of this week.

That afternoon we went to visit my other grandparents.  Annabel just loved walking all around with my grandpa.

That night my dad and I took the girls to Dairy Queen while my mom helped with a friend's wedding rehearsal.  The girls loved this orange cream bar.

Friday morning I made cheesy toast.  I said, "Isn't that cheese toast yummy?"  Adeline said, "The cheese part is."  Another funny from that morning is when I prayed before breakfast.  I opened my eyes and Adeline said, "I didn't pray.  Annabel didn't pray either."  I just had to turn around and laugh to myself.

After breakfast I met one of my BFFs at our high school's pep rally.  Our girls had so much fun!

Saturday morning was all about playing.  Playing in the toy basket and playing at the park.

And this is how Texas weather goes in the "fall."  The beginning of the week was in the 80s.  By Friday it was like 40.  I don't miss that!  

Saturday night was my big 10 year class reunion.  I will post about that later.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful family.  We really enjoyed our extended stay, but are also very glad to be home.

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