Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmastime Activities

Christmas through a child's eyes is more magical than anything.  That's why I like to fill the whole month of December with Christmas activities!

First of all, our elf, Dee arrived back from the North Pole when we got back home from Thanksgiving in Texas.  Adeline is so into it this year.  She even started asking when the elf was coming back before Thanksgiving.  I was surprised she even remembered.  

Then, we went to see Santa.  I was so excited about this perfect photo we got!  Annabel was slightly scared at first, but quickly warmed up.  She was yelling at Santa as we were waiting in line, "Hey Santa!  Where are your reindeer?  I want a baby doll!" and on and on.  She had everyone within ear shot cracking up.

They did so great with Santa, that I took them to MiMi's for the best hot chocolate I've ever had.  The last one I drank was when I was pregnant with Adeline.

Our next Christmas activity was sending out Christmas cards.  I address them all, and Jon and Adeline stamped them.

Our church had a live nativity one Sunday morning.  They call it "Breakfast in Bethlehem" because they also serve donuts and orange juice.  So fun!

Our friends Shannon, Cody, and their new baby, Grady played Mary, Joseph, and Jesus!

We also decided that since Adeline is now five, she can go in to big church with us.  She's been doing so great!

After big church, they had an interactive Christmas story time for families.  We walked from room to room to hear different actors tell a portion of the Christmas story.  We loved it!

One day, Dee brought Barbie Christmas movies, and we caught her watching them and eating popcorn with Elsa & Anna.

Our small group adopted a family with four kiddos to buy gifts for this Christmas.  I picked a kid the same age as each of my children.  Adeline and Annabel really got into it.  They went to the store with me, spent their own money, and bought the child their age a gift.  Adeline even helped me wrap the gift she chose.

And one of my favorite Christmas activities is our small group Christmas party.  We all get sitters for the kids and just enjoy adult company for the evening.  We play a dirty Santa game and always laugh until we cry.  I just love doing life with these people!

Our friends, the Blounts, invited us over for dinner one night and Rebecca had prepared sugar cookies for the kiddos to decorate.  So much fun!

Another one of our favorite traditions is seeing the lights on the square in downtown Fayetteville.  We met Shane, Juliet, and Murry for dinner one Monday  night, then walked around the square to see all the beautiful lights.  Aunt Juliet even bought the girls a ticket to ride in the Cinderella coach.

Our group also went to visit our friends in the nursing home one morning.

Adeline's school had themed dress-up days the last week of school.  One day was a crazy Christmas shirt day.  Some of us decided to get together to let our girls decorate shirts to wear for it.  We destroyed Hilary's house, but the kids had a blast.  ( you notice a theme of the kids being in dress-up clothes when we are at a friend's house?  I think all little girls must check out their friends' dress-up closet upon entering their houses.)

The next day, both girls got to wear Christmas pajamas to school.  Adeline was a bit leery of it and said the night before, "How about I just sleep in regular clothes, then wear those to school in the morning?"  The way she thinks is hilarious!  Annabel was fine with it as long as she could wear the red tutu with it.

Annabel's teacher sent me this from her class party.

Then it was time for Adeline's class party.  She got to wear whatever Christmas outfit she wanted, so she chose this dress.

We played a game where you toss a bean bag at the "Christmas tree" to knock it down.

We played a game like hot potato where you passed around a wrapped book.  When the music stopped, if you were holding the present, you got to open it.  Adeline ended up with a Fancy Nancy book.  She was thrilled!

I left Annabel and Whitt with friends so I could focus on my big girl at her first big girl school party.  We had so much fun!

Another church day...

And our elf brought us a ginger bread house to decorate.  Jon got into the holiday attire spirit and put on a red tie with his green t-shirt.  I love that man!

December is busy and exhausting, but oh so much fun!

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