Monday, December 29, 2014

Our Family Christmas

Santa visited our house on December 23 this year since he knew we'd be heading to Texas on Christmas Eve.

Santa brought all kinds of goodies!  He brought a store-front thing with cash registers, baby dolls, a walking toy, and a sports center.  Plus he filled all our stockings!

Everyone was so excited!  Whitt woke up at 6:00 and his crying must have woken up Adeline, who in turn, woke up Annabel.  We listened to them talking to each other over the monitor.  Adeline said, "I don't know if it's morning yet.  Let me look out the window.  I see lights at somebody's house.  I think we can get up now!"  And then here they came running to our room.  So much fun!

We gave each child three gifts from us.  The girls were very excited about these princess Barbie dolls.

Jon was teaching Whitt how to play with his army men.  Whitt thought it was hilarious.

My attempt at a Pinterest breakfast.  The chocolate syrup for the mouths didn't work so well, but the girls were thrilled with them.

Whitt trying out his new walking toy from Santa.

We spent the whole day at home, just enjoying our goodies.  It was so relaxing and fun!  I love days with my family.

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