Monday, December 15, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Since adding a third child to our family, we've changed up how we visit our parents.  Since they live in the same town, we used to try to spend equal nights at each parents' house.  However, that meant a lot of packing up and moving back and forth.  We decided that now we will just take turns.  We'd stayed at my parents' when we went there in September, so this time we stayed at Jon's parents'.  

Of course, we had to try this dress-up wig on Whitt.  I just love this picture!

I got some target practice in.  I'm pretty proud of my shooting..hah!

We miss Tex Mex so much living in Arkansas, so we always try to get some when we go to Texas.  We went out to Maria's the night before Thanksgiving and my kids thought these hay bales were the perfect spot for a photo op.

Adeline insisted I take a picture of her with this giant towel on her head.

My family on Thanksgiving day.

We visited my mom's parents' for a little while, but we didn't eat at their house this year.

We ate at my dad's mom's house this year.  Whitt enjoyed rocking with Ginga.

Then Annabel and I took a long Thanksgiving nap.

And a trip to Big T's isn't complete without a hike in the woods.

We went out to my parents' for a few hours on Friday.  Whitt really enjoyed standing up at this toy.

Then he developed these red cheeks and a horribly snotty nose.  Between all his snot and Adeline's cough, nobody got any sleep the last two nights we were there.

So we packed up on Saturday morning and headed back home a day early.  Bummer!

Home again, home again...where Whitt decided he wanted to try and stand up.

Oh teething, how I loathe thee.

Traveling with kids is so NOT easy, but still so worth it to see all our family.  Here's hoping Christmas in Texas affords us much more sleep and relaxation.

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