Monday, December 15, 2014

More of November

The day after the programs, our parents left and took Adeline back to Texas with them.  She felt a little left out that Annabel got to go there alone back in October, so she wanted some one-on-one grandparent time, as well.

That morning before she left, she had a DVD and was "ordering" her breakfast from it like it was a menu.  Hah!

This boy and his bumpers.  He's just about destroyed them from pulling and smushing on them all the time, but he sure does love them.

Stopped at Wendy's in Mena for lunch on the way back to Texas.  Mena really needs a Chick-Fil-A.

I cannot get this kid to lie back while I'm trying to change his diaper or clothes.  He's going to have a six pack by age two.

And since Adeline wasn't at home, Annabel got to take baths with her brother.

On Saturday, we took Annabel & Whitt to the new trampoline park that just opened here.  Annabel had a blast!  Well, really we all did.

Jon's parents had bought this big playhouse thing for the girls a while back.  Every time they visit, they get it back out and let them work on coloring it.  So fun!

They also had a fish fry one night.

My two littles on their way to church Sunday morning.

When I was pregnant with Adeline, I bought my dad a pink and purple tackle box for Father's Day.  He really loves fishing and he always liked to take me fishing as a child.  I knew he'd love doing the same with his grandchild.  I'd bought Adeline a fishing pole several months ago and she perfected casting it a few weeks before Thanksgiving.   So, my dad finally got to take her when she was there.  Made my heart smile.

My mom said her favorite part was playing with the minnows..hah!

Jon and I did a bit of Christmas crafting while we had one less kid.  The tree he's making was for me to hang Christmas cards on.

Adeline loves this tire swing at my parents' house.

She also helped my dad trim the limbs at my grandmother's house one day.

Whitt woke up while I was still getting ready one morning, so Annabel entertained him with a story while I finished.  He's so blessed to have TWO fantastic big sisters!

TCU had a big game on Thanksgiving day, we they'd put on social media that the Tuesday  before was supposed to be "Go Purple Tuesday."  All three of my babies participated, even though one was in a different state!

My kids are blessed with some wonderful great aunts.  My aunt Tator Tot, bought her this giant box of jelly beans and my other aunt, Paula (in the background), spent an afternoon visiting with her.

The day before Thanksgiving, it was finally time for the rest of us to head to Texas!  Annabel was getting ready while I was that morning and said, "I'm getting all pretty for Texas."  She cracks me up!

We had to stop a few times to nurse Whitt.  He really enjoyed playing with all the gadgets on the dashboard.

Whew!  I know you're probably tired of November, already, but it was so busy!  I don't want to leave anything out.  Thanksgiving, coming up next!

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