Sunday, December 14, 2014

Two Programs in One Day

The Thursday before Thanksgiving was quite the busy day!  Adeline had her pre-school Thanksgiving program that morning, and both girls had their Christmas dance recital that evening.

Adeline's Thanksgiving program was so cute.  They sang a lot of songs and she knew every word.  I was so glad that my parents and Jon's mom were able to come in town to see her very first school performance.

Before the program began, they were flashing individual photos of each child up on the big screen along with the Native American name they'd chosen for themselves.  Most of the girls were things like, "Sparkling Horse" "Colorful Flower" "Shining Star."  Adeline's name was "Orange Leaf."  It still cracks me up every time I think about it!

After they performed at their school, all of pre-school loaded up in buses and went to a local retirement home to perform there as well.  I love that her school teaches kindness and love at an early age.

We are so blessed to do life with these families.  Most of these girls are in the same class at school, dance together, and in the same Sunday school class.  You should hear the squeals and see the hugs and jumping up and down whenever they happen to see each other any other time.  It's precious.  I love these girls and their parents!

When we got them to line up for this picture, they were all shouting, "Let's make a pattern with our skirts!"  Beautiful, sweet, and SMART!

And these two precious sisters.  Words can't express my love for them!

Annabel and Caroline...besties forever!

Annabel and sweet!

Some performance shots....

Their grandparents gave them flowers after their performances.  They were so excited!

"Where's Whitt?", you might ask.  We got a sitter for him so we could focus on and enjoy our big girls.  It was a win-win for us all!

These two precious girls make me so proud.  I love the light the shines through them!

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