Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday Fun & Farnival

We started off our Fun Friday attending play group at Helga's. We had a small group this time, but still lots of fun.
Little Noah knew exactly what to do with a camera. As soon as I got it out, he stopped what he was doing and looked right at me with the biggest grin. My child, on the other hand, acted like I wasn't even there.
Ava, Noah, & Adeline (Brody & Hunter were there too)

Friday evening, my work (or old work) had a carnival, but Jon accidentally called it a farnival (mix between carnival & festival) so that's what I've been calling it ever since. We picked up 3 brothers I have in therapy and took them with us. Their mom had to work, so we gave them a ride.
I talked them into posing in the Toy Story cut-outs. :)

They had a petting zoo, and Adeline was fascinated with all the animals. She wanted so bad to squeeze the poor things.
Adeline and baby lemur
African lion
I got to visit with my little Eduardo. I started working with Eduardo in May 2008. I'm going to miss him so much!
They also had horses, which Adeline loved as well.
And Leonard, the therapy dog.. Maybe she'll be a vet someday?

It was the hottest day of the year here, yesterday. What a great day for an outdoor farnival, huh?
I know this picture is kind of blurry, but she looks so much like me here, that just I had to share.
Loves those toes
Sweet little profile
Getting tired, we better head home soon

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  1. so cute! I love all her little outfits with her name on them! Were they all made by family or did you get them for gifts or buy yourself? Her hair is soo long! Roman has hardly any hair it seems. I think the longest part is about an inch! Roman loves animals too! We haven't taken him to a petting zoo but so far he likes dogs and cats.. and wants to pull their hair.